Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finals Finally Done

Yayyy!!! After my free day yesterday and my really early morning Chinese final today I am DONE with the academic side of the semester!! I just have a rehearsal tomorrow and then the big party on Friday morning and then I'm done until the middle of January. Sooo many things I have planned to keep me busy, both on RS and in real life. I already tailored my dress into a skirt today and it looks very naise! :D

So.. Other than completely forgetting to post yesterday I've been slaying my little flippers off. It didn't help that I got a black dragon task which is the one and only task that I range. I did it anyway, of course, but it took a long time especially since I caught a bunch of impinaboxes first so I could stay longer. I've been farming and stuff like that today too, to get a break from the grind. If I get about 200k xp a day I'll have 99 on Saturday like I'm planning. Oh boy, I think I'm actually gonna cheat little bit and go play Pest Control or Soul Wars... >D

The new hitpoints thing came out and I like it! It's a lot nicer and I'm used to it already. It even seemed like I was hitting higher than normal, and I even got it on camera!

Yes, some people say that's a low hit, but remember I only have 85 str, I don't pot ever, and I don't give a rat's behind about str bonuses, so my max is like 260. It was awesome! I was ripping nechs apart!

I've been slaying almost all day but ran into a problem called 57 black dragon task. What??? Again?? Either I pray and melee them all or just put it off and go train on other monsters. Blegh... Other than slaying, I've been farming my harbs from my various tasks and clue scrollin as well. Nothing real great but lots of tele scrolls lately which I am totally happy with. Got some good seeds from kingdom too including finally another magic! Woohoo farming xp!!

Here's me and A Fatal One synchronizing our herblore skills up! Speaking of herby, a good rs friend of mine got 99 Herb today! Gratz to Lord Doom321! He was even open for my 95 rc effigy so I got that done but that maxed him out. Too bad, because I had a 97 herby one after that! I told my dad, who has 94, and he got some stews and was able to boost up to 99 and get 30k xp for himself and help me get a huuuuge amount of rc xp!

Soooo tonight I go to bed early since I did get up at 6:25 this morning and am feeling it now... I leave you with this special public service announcement:

Remember, HEIM CRABS 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good night all! XD

Until next time...

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