Sunday, December 5, 2010

Moar Craziness

Holy crap this must be what having a life feels like! Last year I pretty much nolifed rs and now I'm totally not able to do that and it feels kind of good...

This upcoming week is dead week, which means the week after that is finals and then I can academically check out for a whole month! Oh man what will I do with this crazy time! I'll be going for 99 Attack of course and will more than probably begin the long-ish road to 99 Construction! I have 51m now and have no idea what to do with it so I decided that everything over 50m is going to go on Con. I'll probably do it in stages by level, so I'll buy the mog planks for the level and then get the hammers for it and sort out the butler's wages and stuff. I'm 87 now and getting ever closer to 88. Hammers give a full 50k xp so it will be pretty easy to figure out how many hammers I'll need. Plus, when I get into the 90's I'll have effigies to totally help me out, just like with crafting!

I'm really hoping to have my Ajjat cape by the new year and my cape-with-a-saw-on-it sometime in the spring. After that we'll see what's close or what I'm inspired to get to 99 next. I suspect hp will be close and then likely str... but that's getting way ahead of myself. :P

I had my holiday concert tonight and it went well! One of the pieces we played is one that I first played back when I was 14 years old and in the 9th grade at my high school. Same part too! That brought back a lot of memories to play and it sounded way different with actual proper instrumentation, not throwing all the freshmen on 3rd parts and combining all the bands and orchestras together to make some awful racket that drowns out everything. It was a very casual concert as well and me and my friend C had a great time laughing at stuff. On one of the pieces, the three trumpet players had a trio so they stood up which is fine but... we're right behind them so we couldn't see the director at all but we held it together fairly well until the last few bars when we totally got off. Good times. Haha.

Just two more concerts to go now! Gotta work on preparing my solo for my jury and then learn the music for graduation and I'll be set. Also, this week is going to be crazy for recitals and I'm even going to have my Psychology final this Wednesday, so a week early. Lots of things going on so I have no idea when I'll be able to gather enough fun to do a blog post. We shall see!

I leave with you with a cache of randomness. Enjoy!

My very first pic of a clue scroll drop, circa probably 2007.... back when I used to camp at harpie bugs for clues and actually wore d boots... :P I didn't have that d baxe very long... maybe like a month to bridge the gap from a d long to a whip...

Me getting 14 Farming in Ardy... How in the world did I play rs with no clan chat!! I'm looking quite sexy in that addy trimmed skirt that my boyfriend got off a clue scroll and gave to me... :P

My dad sent me this pic of a glitched dustie stuck in the dead position. It was like that for like 5 minutes until someone else killed it again. It may not have been glitched to him, but it sure made a funny pic!

Lesko Diamond, version 1.0, before I even knew what he looked like. :o

Peekyface, at the exact place where I fell in love with that 'Peeky Beard.' Me in the background with my first outfit involving flippers. :-)

Another pic of Peeky's amazing marine outfit, with the goatee I totally glomped... My love for the cute little beard turned up later in Soul Wars and the name Peekyface was born shortly after that. :D

The first time I called him Peekyface... The rest is history. Wow, it's even his original name!

Speaking of Peeky his birthday is around this time so if he's reading this, happy birthday! He's retired at the mo, and I miss him terribly. :-( If I knew for sure what day his birthday was I would do a tribute since I have so many funnies with his name on them! :P

Good night all!

Until next time...

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