Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spirimage Task

Today I did some real life things and then logged on for my slayer task. It was boring but I actually met someone while doing it and ended up having fun anyway! :D

His name was I 0WN UR A and he was busy camping at avies while I hacked away on the spirimages nearby. After a while he asked me for my name so I shot him this hilarious reply:

Everyone can go call me Piessa now... :P Pronounced Pie-Essa of course.

I finally got D boots, but it was the only pair the whole task. Owell, I still made lotsa munni!

Then I finally got 86 strength and 129 combat!!

Yay! Only like 3 more str lvls to go until I am lvl 130 and beyond! :D

I may or may not have things to do tomorrow and have no idea what sort of things to do on RS so I'll play it by ear tonight. :P

Good night all!

Until next time...

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