Monday, December 13, 2010


Today I was slaying along... finished up my fire giant task and was getting new one. Fangy told me he wanted some blue vambs so I told him that soon I would go kill a blue and get him some. It took forever and a day and my task ended up being blues! XD

So I went to Taverly to kill one but it was packed so I went to Kuradal's and killed 2 (I sold a pair so I have 1 left and wanted a stacker again) and flew to a bank for money and then to Alkarid to tan them before finally flying to Falador where I made them and gave a pair to him.

After that I went afk reading some of my favorite bloggy type websites when I heard the opening rs music. Had 5 minutes really gone by? I couldn't have times out that fast... I went to re-log back in but that familiar message of "You haven't logged out yet" came up. It's been glitching like that a lot lately but rather than choose another world I just closed out of rs and continued reading blogs. Then I went to dinner so it was a while before I came back. I figured that 84 went down like it does quite often and so I went on 158 instead.

I found myself back at the entrance to Taverly, the Falador tele runes still in my bag, my dueling ring with 1 charge, and my dragonstone. I clearly remembered logging out in Varrock West and immediately realized that I had just gotten a taste of my first rollback! Kind of cool, cept not, because I lost the blue vambs I made. LOL, of all things to be pissed off about from a rollback and it was losing all that effort to get me a stacker pair of blue vambraces! XD Also, all the crap pile of herbs that were taking up like 10 spaces in my bank that I sold on the GE were back so I had to go sell them again. *Grumble*

With that excitement over I canceled my blue drag task (because I really cba to bank all the time and worry about a tort etc when I'm trying to grind 99 attack) and got nechs. Great... -.- I went fishing for some food like I was planning to do right when 84 died and assisted someone in Canting with some craftypants before heading off to the slayer tower. Amazingly, the open world I found wasn't laggy at all! It was very exciting and I got to work grinding out that task. I'm under 800k to 99 already and have tomorrow free all day to grind until my legs are so stiff I can't straighten them IRL. Fun fun!

As for real life, I had a final and my jury today. First was the final, the one with the study guide that totally asked questions about stuff we didn't cover in class? Yeah, there were like 2 curveballs on it. Grrrr. Luckily it wasn't too bad and I felt fairly confident on it. I went into the class with an 89.94 (I kid you not) so I'm getting an A or a B regardless. I got an 89 on my paper and presentation which I'm happy with. After that me and my mom went to lunch together then after I talked her ear off I went and practiced my solo a bit and finally it was time for my jury.

BTW, a jury in this case is where music majors play a solo they learn during the semester and play it in front of faculty. It's a final exam for private lessons. So I dressed up all nice, went in, and played it. I feel like I did ok... No major mishaps at all! I missed a few notes but oh well it still flowed. I fluffed the last note though, for no real reason... ugh... I'm so glad to have it behind me now! One more final and I can academically check out! Then it's just a rehearsal and play at graduation and I'm off for a month! Sooo many things I want to do! Yay!

Sorry about no pics... Slaying isn't very interesting. I'd better start taking pics of me killing stuff for my 99 attack video though... :o

Good night all!

Until next time...

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  1. Yes, the glitch of where I can't log back in is tarrible. :(

    Rollbacks happen at the wrong time, but that just means someone was bug abusing.. Or something like that.