Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Busy Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is going to be a busyyyy one! To start off, we're doing powerpoint presentations in Chinese. I was supposed to go tomorrow but my sister drew Friday and I was smart enough to trade days with her because....

Right after Chinese I have to do my presentation on Schubert! I get to go up to the front and blab on and on about Impromptu in Ab Major for 5 minutes. I have no idea if it will go by fast or slow but I am totally looking forward to it being done! It's my favorite piano piece in the whole entire world and I listen to it all the time and it fit in perfectly with the semester so woooot I chose it!

K then after that I have to go to one of the offices and take care of this form that I already did but it expired after like 3.5 years... Then I go off to my last psych class where I have no idea what we're doing except it involves colored pencils and it's an optional day. After that is the real biggie... I get to take my psych final. Since the class has like 400 kids we have to make an appointment to take our tests in the lab. We had the option of taking it as early as Tuesday of dead week (which was today) so I got signed right up for Wednesday. My midterm took about 15 minutes out of the hour and a half we were allowed so I'm pretty sure I'll blaze right through this one as well. Other than that I've done everything in that class I needed to do.

Once that's done I'm going to hike across the river to get food at the store for lunch and a bottle of soda.... for our orchestra party! Yayay!! I get to end this massive day of things going on with a party! We're sight reading our big headliner for spring semester and then watching the film of our performance while we snack on cookies and stuff. Ahhhhh and relax.

Once tomorrow is over I pretty much only have my Chinese presentation on Friday (which is gonna involve Oja Diamond and Jeffrey Peak :P) and will practice my solo some more to clean up some spots and then I'll be allll ready for finals week and then I'll be able to academically check out for a month! I'm sure I'll be bored of being home by Christmas, but I have a pretty good list of things I want to do both on RS and in real life that will help those long hours melt away.

Today I wrote an awesome cryptic clue to further announce the arrival of the newest Man of Osai on my other blog. I am so proud of it!! Ehehe!!

On RS today I chatted a bunch, had Lillantra, somisareg, and Cossack buy apples for me, made more pie dishes, farmed, did some construction, and started my boring bloodveld task among other things. I got an effigy which was 91 con... I'm 87 and have tons of orange spice so I was able to get that after a few tries. Then I had 93 mining so I sipped the rest of my mature stout and got that. Now it's stuck at 95 rcing. I'll be patient and hopefully the time will come up where a friend can do it for me. :D

Busy busy day tomorrowwwwwww..... Sleep will commence now!

Until next time...

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