Saturday, December 11, 2010

Elite Clue, Op. 7

...She prepared for battle, cooking up a fresh load of shark. Without expecting much she geared up in her very revealing battle clothes (because the less it covers, the more defence it gives!) and teleported off to the lair of the Skelehorror.

It tried to pwn her but she was almost invincible behind her shield with a rawr on it. Finally, after its arms and tail were buried, it fell apart. She still had that slight hope that maybe an elite clue would drop, but wasn't counting on it. Well, for once, her little wish came true.

Yay! A clue with an appendage! She picked it up and read it, hoping it wasn't in the deep wilderness. It was within the walls of Varrock. OK... She ran around some and soon her clue was glowing, behind the gypsy tent.

After killing a Guthix wizard, she was directed to Taverly Dungeon. She easily hopped the strange floor with her 99 Agility and made her way south, past black demons she didn't even know existed. It was a good thing she went this way because there was her clue, across the lava, amidst the chaos dwarves.

Next, a compass.... pointing straight up... Eeeek, wildy time! Fred volunteered to be her guide and they quickly found it, around the area of the sapphire respawn. An ork tried to attack but with their combat levels of 128 and 127, they easily took him down.

A puzzle later, they found themselves running up and down Keldagrim, searching it high and low. After lots of blood, sweat, and tears, it glowed, right next to a spot they passed a time or two, but not close enough. Curse you, 11-pace orb!

The next clue took them to Piscatoris where they again searched high and low, chatting and having a good time all the while. Finally, after searching the entire perimeter and most of it up and down, it lit up at the mine.

The next orb was in Zanaris, which was a few steps away in the fairy ring. After searching a few places it lit up right by the entrance to that market you needed a diamond to enter.

The next clue was a compass again, pointing past Brimhaven to the tower of life. It was quickly spotted, a little north of it, and a puzzle casket was to be had!

After a run to Ardy South Bank, and an incredibly easy Celtic knot, the box was open, revealing the treasure!

Quite an eclectic set of items, but everything was of some use to miss Pie. A nice DD that would soon find a home, a yew seed that would make a farmer happy (I don't plant yews anymore... too much of a hassle), a crystal key which would boost her glory count over 40, and 8 Bandit Camp teles! Yay!

The end... XD

OK today I ground slayer. Lots of it. Actually I have been for the past few days. I keep forgetting to post because it's late and stuff but......

I got myself 98 Attack yesterday! Woooot woot!!!! At the rate I'm going I should be ready to party hardy this coming weekend! :D And of course, I couldn't get 98 Attack without making the traditional music video:

It's so unreal! It seems like a few days ago when I announced at the bus stop to my irl rs friend that I was thinking of going for 99 attack!

I leave with you some funnies from the past few days:

I got a lvl 2 clue from dags (which took forever as there was NO open world) and it was like a billion steps long. I got like airs and zam arrows or something...

Background pic of a guy in midair! XD

Me pwning dags (a pic for my attack video perhaps? ;D )

And lastly, this quote of me making a pun and laughing about it. Click here to see what I was talking about firsthand (look at the right column where it says popularity). :P

Well, good night everyone! Soon soon soooooon I'll be able to post more! I got myself my history final and jury on Monday so I am going to get a little ready for that and stuff... :o

Until next time...

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