Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Formally Announce...

...that I am going for 99 attack!! There, I said it! It's on! My dad just got 97 and with Peeky loving his cape and with somi's recent attack cape I have been motivated enough to set my whip to attack and go at it! After I leveled Defence I began to train shared and was pretty good about keeping my att and str even. They're both 85 now and it's time to step it up! I plan to slay my way up there with very minimal soulwars/zombies. Hopefully it will take less time than Defence! :P

Anyways today I did a ton of farm runs. I went to my kingdom and was very pleased to find 27 seednests! I got a yew, palm, papayaya, and calquat from this round and therefore have planted all new palms, papayaya, 2 yews, and the calquat! Hello, 86 farming! I have 4 snaps and grew my torstol so that's been fun. Also now that I am wanting to get that herblore up I have set 5/6 of my coal to herbs in my kingdom. I spent a great while herbifying today. :P It was fun getting the secondaries! :P Still no stones and my last pots to make were the super str. I got both stones within 5 potions! Woot!! Free 5k xp! Only smiffin remains before I can blow up the statue. :P

Among my tree-planting the guy in the quest cape, named Avatar, commented on the amount of epic skillcapes in the Fally East Bank. I agree, and took a pic. :P Lessee we got Quest, Herblore, Mining, Agility, Craft (hidden by door), and Smiffin represented. :P

After that PlurFish wanted to get his agility up in Brimhaven and invited me to go with. Well of course!! I don't think he ever actually went there (if he did it wasn't on the world we were on) but we did get Nezantra, Zoorhana, and xFire to go. One by one they all left but before everyone was gone I managed to get a cool pic of me and xFire:

Nez leveled to 45 while we were running in there and upon leaving turned in his tikkitz to get 46! I love this course! I think xFire got a level as well. Eventually we all left and I had 40 more tikkitz to add to my stash of 100. Only 660 left before pirate hook time! :P

After that I did some more things and then went to the sizzler and cooked for a few hours. I was getting the hang of it when my cousin really wanted to use my house to get 60 Defence. He was 53 and asked to use my house for 54. I finally agreed and told him to go to Yanille. Then he found the sparkly obelisk right outside cw bank. Woot! I've never played the familiarisation D&D so I took the opportunity to try it out!

I got to be an evil turnip and all the summons inside were blue! The larupia looked awesome so I got a pic. My cousin said he saw me and soon enough I saw him walk by, in the form of a pak-yak. I couldn't help but laugh! It was awesome! I got 58 shards before I died or whatever and chose the summon item reward. Inside were a bunch of polar kebbit furs and 227 gold rings!! Woot!!!! I think I'll actually make things with this! Of course I had to pose at the sparkly obelisk...

Oo shiny!

...and had to stop and admire Pikkenmix's emo hair. :P

After that, I headed for my house. Oops, Raven got 54 defence on accident on the guards there. Hehe... We went to my house anyways where we just attacked each other for fun. He did manage to kill me 3 or 4 times which of course gave him great xp and he's starting to really hit pretty well! He hit a 10 on me (100 lifepoints... I'll never catch on)! I killed him about 3 times for every time he killed me but it was still fun, plus it got my attack to 300k till 86!

Funny enough, my str is about 45k ahead of my att because I used balmung on my dag task. That may be the last time in a long time that my str is higher than my att...

Anyways now I'm off to bed. I looked and its less than 14k sharks to go! Woot! I have a week to get 99 and I'll totally be able to do it with minimal nolifing! I also just checked my agility rank. It's 4069! Woohoo! Good night everyone! :-)

Until next time...

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