Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Dad Gets a Skillcape!

Today, in the late hours of the night, my dad got his first 99!!!! He has trained all of his combat evenly since the dawn of time and is not driven to get skillcapes so it's taken a while but he finally did it! He got the Cape of Love! :-)

First pic of his sexy new cape!

It's official!! Wewt! 99 Hitpoints!

It was a very low key party as he is not one to be driven for 99's. It was kind of like "by the way I have 14k till 99" so when he got down low enough we invited whoever was on and went to my house. He got it in the same ring that I got my 99 Defence in. Awww! He leveled on me as well. LOL! My own dad smacking me for a hp cape!

Also there to share the moment were Fuge (aka Rachy), Twi, and Peekyface. It was a fun little shindig and I had my cameras rolling of course:

As for me, I spent the day farming, slaying, and doing 2 very lengthy stars with Twi. I finished my firegiant task, did a 112 jungle wyrm task, AND a 67 terror dog task (that I got after canceling 200 velds). I now have nechs for the first time. o.O As I was in the firegiant cave my hitpoints (ahem, *life* points) went devilishly low!

During my jungle wyrm task Merxese sang me a song!

I thought it was very cute!

Finally, right before my dad's 99 hp partything, I was at a nice big and somewhat remote PK star with Twi. It seems like all the moms were there!

Among other happenings, I met someone going for 99 Agil, ODST Isaac got a d pick from the dwogre caves (!!!!), and I am 20k from 85 farming and 2000 total level. I'm catching up to my dad! :D

It's time for bed... Busy day tomorrow that I am so not ready for...

Until next time...


  1. wow, it's awesome that your dad plays runescape, and it's ever more awesome that he now has a skill cape. Im working on trying to get one soon. Can't decide which one i should shoot for but it will be between Defense, Mining, Attack, or fishing. Congrats!


  2. Hey Pie, it's Lepage if you remember me. :) I love that your dad got a cape, and I'm so happy for you that you got your Agility cape!

    I'm actually going for 99 Agility too, but only 79 atm. :( Maybe sometime we can talk in game! If you don't have me yet, my new name is: Agile Lep

    Love your blog!