Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2000 Total Level!!!!

Wooooot!! After several boosts and megatons of leveling over the past year, I finally did it!! I got 2000 total before the new skill! Woop woop!!!

First of all this morning, barely awake, I decided to do a clue scroll. It was all puzzles and challenges, no fighting involved. I got enchanted wiz bottoms!!! Woot!

After that I was 15k from 85 farming. I tagged a calquat tree which for me down to 3k and halfway through a farm run I realized that the time was now! Some melons in Fally later and boom boom boom!!!

Woohoo!! I have entered the realm of No-Longer-A-Noob!!! I can plant everything in the game AND I got the big 2k!! There was much excitement in the chat:

As well as with some more friends:

Woot woot! Woot woot!!

I then decided to do my slayer task. I have Nechryael for the first time ever! Kudos for spelling it right too! :P
They easy. :P

When I got bored of them I did more farming until I was so tired I could hardly think. :P

Here are my beautiful stats taken at 2000 total level:

I'm catching up to my dad! He has 2010 total! :o

And, here is a pic of another of my favorite animations, falling into an oubliette, modeled by a semi transparent Zoorhana. :P

I cheated. I recorded it with Hypercam since I could never get a good pic. :P

Finally here is a pic of a dead musician that I found when doing a clue scroll that I got off Nechryael. My dad told me about him and I thought it was cool so I took a pic. I gotta bring my ghost ammy next time and see what he says. He said woo woo woo with a frowny face. LOL!

His music is pretty kool akshully. He has bagpipes which are rad. :D

I seem to have caught the disease where I speak in leetspeak. I've been saying lolwut in real life as well as orly and nowai. And of course, my typing haz become sumting like dis... I dun no wat to dooo! Hehe... :D I caught it from Zach and Kayla. Srsly. :P

Good night all! Here's to more level and stoof!!

Until next time...

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  1. CONGRATS!!!! wow, it seems like your catch up to one of your goals every week. Your so Lucky! im hoping to get one of my goals too. cheers!