Sunday, March 21, 2010

Epic Win!!

Today I woke up late and started my day off by reading blogs. I got to Merchy's to discover that she had PWNT nomad!!!!!!!! I of course started reading her blow-by-blow of all the action and was so excited just thinking of how much it meant to her to beat this guy. Then I got to this picture at the bottom of the post:

...and it was so much win that I literally cried. It was beautiful. It was pure, good, whole win. My biggest congratz Merchy! It was very, very well deserved. :-)

I collected myself and after taking a break came back and went to her house party! :D

Woooot!! Back in the cape!!!!! And lvl 118 even!! :D

l-r Merchy, me, Levi
It was a ton of fun wielding silly sticks and pushing each other around! In one round Merchy knocked me off and when I fell I took damage and DIED! :o It was funny! :P

After all the festivities I went back to cooking and just cooked and cooked and listened to the sizzling sound whilst listening to music..... It was semi boring but also pretty fun. I finally cooked everything and am now 310k from 99. I'll get down to like 10k tomorrow prolly... I then fletched some mage bows and bought me 200 copper and tin ore with the intent of making some bronze nails (because I have a nail collection AND I got some black nails off a clue form an evil mage today!) and to try for those pesky and elusive smiffin rocks. I got them both on the smelting!
I totally underestimated how many nails I'd get from 200 bars.... I now have 3k bronze nails ready for Sailing! ;-P I did the tinking-of-the-anvil in Varrock and came across an amusinc scene of a huge block of people doing the zombie walk. I joined in and eventually a bunch started a cooking emote barrage which I got some cool pics of:

Look carefully- four flying drumsticks!!

Pies for me! :D

After I was done smiffing I brought that final pair of stones to the statue. I was already aware of the fact that the statue explodes so I had my camera ready in hopes of getting a good picture. What I got was absolutely perfect!

Epic win!! Even better is the fact that what I said was automatic and it's totally what I would have said! I love it! I should frame this pic... :P

Anyways I am getting kind of tired so it's time to leave for the night. First I have an announcement to make. My 21st birthday is Saturday and I'm throwing a party at my house at 10am Mountain Time (5pm gmt) for about an hour. As 21 is the legal drinking age in America and I don't/won't drink irl this party is alcohol themed! Bring your kegs, beers, any sort of pixellated alcoholic beverage! I plan on getting drunk (i.e. lowering attack to 1) and then killing people and monsters in my dungeon! Muahaha! After a while I'm going to go play my favorite minigame, which coincidentally has an alcohol theme to it anyway! And yes, this game gives cooking xp, so I'm going to randomly level to 99. It'ss be epic :P For those who can't go to Mos Le Harmless, it really is ok... This 99 is more just for me and having fun than anything. :P I'll be sure to take pics and/or film! Here's the little invite that will be at the top of my blog this week:

Good night everyone!!

Until next time...

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  1. OMG! I got a blog entry! *preens* Still grinning today. Thanks, cariad. <3

    I love that picture too. Especially since I had 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' stuck in my mind. That song is all about having friends right behind you and look! There's Cossack127 in the boater and TheArcturus1 in his woodcutting cape, as well as Shelley. And now you writing blogs about it. Thank you! <3

    And I'll be at the birthday celebrations, oh yes!