Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So Many Updates!!

Wow what a day!! I ran for a bit before school knocking off over 100k xp. I went to trombone choir and as I did not have band today I was soon back home and on my way. Then I saw all the updates. Holy crap!!

OK where do I even begin... I'll start with the big one... HP... It's not called hp anymore. It's called Constitution. I don't like this because it looks just like Construction. I have a photographic memory and often read just the ends of words so this is bound to confuse me. I was initially freaked out by the tenfold increase in HP (excuse me... *Life Points*) but soon got used to it and not it's not so bad, just weird.

There was an iron update that allows freeplayers to have a bit more success smelting iron. Since they can't wear a forging ring this is a nice little update for them. :-)

Oh and there's a new thing called the lobby. It's a little confusing but I'll soon forget the old ways. It's pretty nifty really. I can "log out" and go make food and come back with little annoyance.

Now for the big one, the one that I was all over! Shattered Heart. Oh man how awesome is this!! Basically when you skill, you get these "rocks" in your inventory. Once you have 2 you talk to some people in the Varrock Museum and assemble the stones into a statue, netting some hefty xp in the skill you got them from at the same time. Well, I of course did agil first and after re-reading and having someone tell me this, Barb was somehow, intentionally or not, left off the list. So, I headed for brim to give myself a jump start on my pirate hook! :D

Agility seems to be one of the hardest to get the stones in. I heard Gnome was faster and was going to go but then boom I got my 2nd stone. It took over 40 tickets (so about an hour) worth of obstacles to finally get the first stone. The game "klunked" at me and there it was! Yay!! I was going to go to Gnome after I got 100 and on my 99th ticket I got it. LOL! I met some great people there and ODST Isaac and Peeky even came along for some fun. Here's the picture of the list and the xp I got by putting the stones in the statue:

Next on the list was fishing. I heard it was somewhat bugged in the fact that people were getting loads. I figured it would be fixed by now so I headed for Piscatoris. No sooner did my net hit the water that *klunk, klunk* I had gotten both stones in 2 fish! Well ok then! I put those in and got some much appreciated fishy xp. I then set off for farming. I got one almost at the end of my run off an Ardy allotment and would have to wait until my new crops grew for the 2nd.

Amidst my farm run I watched somisareg get 99 attack which was, unknown to me, his first 99!!

Gratz Somi!!!! Hehe you can see the new tenfold hits here. What was normally a 10 has turned into a 106! Also there were Vandyballer and Dr Leviathan. It was so fun to see!

At the tail end of my farm run I rubbed shoulders with Kingduffy. He's ranked 7th overall. We farmed side by side not saying a word. I got a pic just because everyone should have an obligatory pic of someone "famous," according to some.

Dood, he has 99 agility!! lol

Anyways I was then off to get the construction stones. All I had to do was basically sit in my throne and wait for them to show up at my entrance portal. After about 5 minutes I had them both!

After that adventure I went to the ivy behind Yanille and read some blogs and before long had the 2 woodcutting stones and about 50k xp! I was on a roll! I then did a farm run and got the other stone while digging up onions in Pt Phaz. Sweet! Next up was mining. Peeky said he was getting nothing from the iron at Piscatoris so I decided to hit up the addy at Kelda. I got my first stone before I had even gotten the first addy ore! In fact it took another couple minutes to mine the rock! I continued mining the addy, leaving a trail of destruction (empty rocks):

I got the 2nd stone on the last addy rock! These stones were pretty! :P

I then mined all the gold and got outta there! I had noticed an evil tree was less than 15 minutes away and upon arriving in Shilo I joked that a star would be there. Well, upon looking up I saw no star but I sure saw an evil basic tree just outside the fence! Woohoo! I did it and am now 80k to 81 FM and 83 WC. Woot!

I then sold some stuff, turned in the mining stones, and headed back to barb until I got so tired I couldn't focus my eyes. It's bedtime!

Rank: 5394
XP: 12,760,845
I am between Shimon142 and Wicked Joke.
Holy crap! Only 1786 laps left!!

Me and Twi had this amusing conversation about it: Hehe :D

Until next time... :-)

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