Monday, March 29, 2010

Rock Marathon

Woohoo!! Easter event!! While it looked overwhelming and hard I did it anyway and it really wasn't that bad. I got a ton of great pics too! :P

First there was da Easta Bunni... XD

I got to turn into a bunny... :P

The "dirty cog" which sounded like a mixed drink...

Everyone said "diamond" meaning "good." It made me feel like I was Les and they were yelling at me to do stuff. :P

I want my own cuddly Bandos toy!!

I loved the "Hooded client" wayyy more than I should have. It was too funny! :P I also really liked how they used different races in RS to describe what different people in RL do to celebrate Easter. It was a nice touch. I approve. :-)

I got to cheer up the poor, apathetic Easter Bird...

I had to repair the oven at least 10 times.....

...but on the 2nd try I managed to complete it with one turn to spare for the bonus, which I'm still not sure what it is... Oh well whatever it is I got it!

Taking a short break from delivering all over the freeplay area to catch a spirit implet...

Done! I got... Elf ears!!! Woot!!! :D I love them!

So much that I changed my hair to the fringe style for a couple weeks to get the brown headband and wear those elf ears in style! I even finally got a squirrel for the first time! His name is Munchie and he has traveled all over RS with me so far. I also got a green gecko and will grow that next. :D

I then set off on a mission to gather as many stone pairs today as I could. First I tried for the fletching stones. I got the first on the first inventory. The second was.... over 1k maple longs later. I didn't realize it, but I was 5k till and before I knew it, surprise!! I had leveled fletching, a skill I have vowed several times never to train again! This certainly got me going and it's not so bad!

That brought my total lvl to 2017. o.O The 2nd stone was still escaping me so I took a break and set off on my quest for 75 Rhoonkreftin. I bought 10k pure ess and set off for the abyss in order to keep on my elf ears. :P I got both stones very quickly (in fact all the pairs I tried for tonight I got the first stone in the first inv...) and finally got to see my epic chathead when I went to repair my pouch:

I love it so much!! :D

I returned to fletching and got the 2nd stone finally. Sometime in there I was afk talking to my mommy and got the WC stones so that was easy too. I then went to Monkfishland and got the fishy stones quick. Then it was time ti light rows of fire and I was relieved when I had both stones in under 4 inventories. Then I tried for cooking. It was soooo slow and the stones didn't come. I really don't want my cooking xp to get higher than my agility xp but alas I think it will. I tried and tried for HOURS to get that 2nd cook stone and nothing so I finally said screw it and will do that tomorrow. :P

So, I ran over to the bare plinth and threw on 5 pairs at once, getting me some great xp:

Woot! What a day! I can't wait to rc and whatever else further tomorrow. I will probably be running with W46ATAT because for once I can so I am excited and ready to get my agil rocks! :D Good night everyone!

Until next time...

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