Monday, March 8, 2010

Sizzling to 1999

Today was quite interesting! I first started out doing a little Temple Trekking for fun before then going over to the agility guild to show off my new cape to some of the folks who helped me keep going. They were very excited to see me in my hawt cape and even agreed to list me on their forum page! Woot! I am forever peep #474 who has achieved 99 Agility while participating in their open run time. I'm so honored! :D I plan to run with them as much as I can because, like I have said before, I got 99 Agility because I love the skill, not just for the emote, although it's no doubt my favorite in the game.

I then set off for the sizzler (cook guild bank/range) after a couple farm runs. It's so weird... I spent all this time getting 99 agility and now I am confining myself to a teeny tiny room with a bank and a range. I bought 3k monkfish and set off to cook them till I got a level. I got a random upon which a devilish number of cash was an option. I opted for the genie lamp however and put it on my lame range stat. LOL!

I came close to my level but then Twi wanted to go to Trouble Brewing. I finally agreed to break my cooking mindset and went with him. We had fun burning stuff and catching monkeys! :P Eventually he had enough pieces of eight to get himself a spiffy new red naval set! As for me, I am just collecting POE in hopes that an update will come out with many more desirable items like perhaps some seeds for new farming patches? Like, maybe say... 87 and up? This poor minigame is so underrated now. :-(

Anyways we scoped a star and finally it fell in Taverly. It was a size 2 and was swamped with like 30 people. After that I returned to the sizzler and after a while got a level!

Woohoo!! Rocktail time! It was then time for another star so me and Twi staked out Misthalin. Thanks to our scopes we found the exact minute that the star would land. Fuge logged in and decided to help us. It ended up being at Aubury's and size 1, which ended up being the perfect star for her. :-) There were sooo many ess miners running around! It looked like the LRC on w84!

Me and Twi are agile twins!! Hawt! Fuge is the gal to the right in the farmy cape. :-)

My internet was getting increasingly laggy so I decided to do one more farm run and then go to bed. While I was in the GE selling back the monks I cooked I came across a guy in a chicken suit wielding a rubber chicken calling everyone a noob. I had a dance with him of course and then snapped his picture. :P

Mister Noob was quite a fitting name for him :P

I have 1999 total now and I am pretty close to a farm level. I'm hoping for that to be the skill that will push me to the big 2-K! :D Oh and today was Bass Daddy's birthday! He got spammed in the chat with messages more than once and spent the evening at orchestra rehearsal, LOL! Lucky him! :P

Good night all! I wonder what tomorrow brings... :D

Until next time...

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