Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well, today I logged on and grudgingly decided to get that last 35k until 79 ranged at my favorite (heh, more like only) place to train- the lesser demons atop Crandor.

Apart from the stellar view I was getting the hang of the slow monotony which was the killing of lessers. Eventually, one dropped a clue scroll. I found that odd, as I KNOW I had one in the bank from dags. So of course I right clicked on it. It was no clue scroll, it was a challenge scroll!!!

Wooooooooot!!!! Oh man my first champion scroll!!! It only took 3.5 years but wooooooot!!! What was I most excited about? Unlocking music, of course! :P

(this pic was obviously taken once I got there and not when I was on Crandor)

Rather than immediately go do it, I stuck it out for that last 6k range xp and finally 79 was mine!

After dinner and after reading up on this champion, I discovered that I was to face him naked. No armour, no weapons. Hehe, I could still take runes though! Rune Wiki suggested I take over 250 casts. It took me 52. I guess mostly lower levels do it. :P

Of course, with an event this great, I had my cameras rolling! It was VERY laggy. The video doesn't even do it justice, mostly because I edited out most of the lag. You're welcome.

As long as I was there I decided to take on the lep. Of course I had to bank everything first and come back but he was an easy fight, although it looked like he was either punching me in the [insert lady bits word here] or [insert sexual joke here]. It was an easy fight and I lagged so much I didn't have time to set my attack style so that I would kick him. :-(

Anyways after that I decided to do the penguins (phr33 hunter xp!!), my lvl 2 clue from dags (woot addy h2 helm!), clean out my once-again full bank (selling seeds and things/smelting ore/crafting some dhide), and then do some cooking. Ugh, 99 won't get itself... I was around 300k from 96 and after a very short time of hanging out in the sizzler I half unexpectedly got the fireworks:

Wewt! I don't feel so uber leet about it but I'm still happy to be a level closer! It's over a million til 97, but that will take what like... 2 days? A big difference from agility where it took me about 4 days for 1m xp.

Well I really must go to bed... It's already near 1am! When videos don't work right it takes a long time to get things rolling. However before I go I leave you with this funny, from somisareg:

We were talking about how since he only slays high level stuff he hasn't/can't/it's harder to get a champion scroll. He said he kills zombies, dwogres, etc which led to this. Look out everyone! Somi has a pony now and can't be stopped! I can just picture it... LOL!!

Good night all!!

Until next time...

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