Sunday, March 28, 2010

Grinding My Way

Today I didn't have a whole ton of time to play, as I was busy for the entire afternoon and evening, so I spent my day trying hard for 75 hunter!

First I was off catching gracks to get much needed furs for some much needed pouches, as I plan to grack my way to 75 Rhoonkreftin! Less than 8k ess with nats! For the record I know it's really graahk but grack is sooo much easier to spell! I brought along an arctic bear and vowed not to leave until the bear's timer was out and I managed 20 perfect furs in that time! Yay!! I then made them into pouches and eagerly await their use. :D After that my cousin invited me to orange sallies and with 70k to 75 I said why not and began grinding it up. It actually wasn't too bad and the xp melted off quick! It only took about 2 hours and there it was!

Yay! Now I'm much more motivated to reach 76 and then I can catch pirate imps!!!! Woop woop!

I then logged for the night as I have things to do early in the morning. At least there's no school as it's spring break! :D I plan to do quite a bit of farming, rcing, crafting, and whatever else I decide to do. I may raise all my lvl 74 skills to 75. One down, three to go! Only thieving, rc, and prayer remain. All under 100k till!

In other news I got my thieving stones today, yay! I also scoped for a star that ended up falling in Lum. It was a beefy size 7 and I found it all alone but already tagged. Oh well, I'm 100k to 89 mining! I'll probably doing quite a few stars next week as well! :P I took a pretty cool pic of the star:

I'll forget some people but to the left sitting are Kitt Fox and Fred Lay. I'm to the right in mid-stride waltzing with Ferus Deity in the red shirt, Arcty is in the green hair standing by me, the guy in red mining the star is a new canter whose name escapes me at the moment, and behind me and Arcty is Helm360 who in his 2nd day of member life has gotten Varrock Armour 1 and has mined his first star! Yay!! The guy in the craft cape is a new friend of mine and next to him is another fellow Agile Sister that I met the other day at the tav star. Good times! :D

Good night all! Here's to 75 RC and Thieving for tomorrow... I'm sure I'll get one or both of them! :D

Until next time...

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  1. im always in merch's clan but idk how to like officially be in it. i want to be in the canting clan, like i said, idk. if u know me in the game or see me, i recently changed my name but it was oreos o_0. i changged my name to WoodsPureO_o. happy birthday and gl on getting those levels. :D
    cheers :D