Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Day After

Since getting 99 Agility I have resumed my "normal life," whatever that means. I'm slightly unsure what to do at the moment (at least I'm not at an utter loss LOL)... I suppose I should cook but I don't wanna! So, to ease back into a little RS normalcy I went farming!

I was greeted with flowers surrounding most of the herb patches, courtesy of the sitting guy here named Scissor. :-) As I made my way to Cammy I spotted this colorful guy:

I like the way that Overlap1 has combined bright blue with the crimson of the HAM shirt and then a farming/nature ammy. So cute! I then decided to collect from my kingdom so that I could get the logs for the firemaking/fletch stones. I was really hoping for some good seeds as lately I've not gotten much luck. I told Canting to wish me luck for a mage seed. I knew it would be good when I got a papayaya seed on my 2nd nest. The luck continued and finally a greenish seed popped out of a nest.

I was a little excited! :P

I ended up getting an amazing haul of seeds! I didn't even get a spirit seed this time! Yay! I have 10 in the bank and 1 in the ground now... Ugh... Anyways, here are the seeds that I kept that I got from nests. I love getting stuff for free!

Because of this I now have enough trees for a full tree run. One mage (in Gnome) and 4 yews are now waiting to be tagged during double xp. Woohoo!! Plus, with all these calquats lately I'll be able to tag several before the one I use for bonus! And I got a papayaya ready too! :P I wish I could get some palm seeds now... I haven't gotten one in forever!

After that I did some more farm runs mixed in with some real life stuff and soon I was in the GE lighting fires in search of the stones. I finally goth both and I ended up being like 12k from 81 FM. I went off for an evil tree and found one as a sapling which happened to be a yew! Woot! Tht got me down to about 4k upon which I promptly forgot and farmed some more. :P

Many events later Fred Lay told me of an evil mage in his world that had only a handful of people on it. I grabbed the necessary evil tree tools and after a couple fires had my lovely level:

Right after that I decided to do my clue scroll. I got my most hated clue, panic naked in the woods. Surprisingly, this is the 2nd time I've ever had this clue so I'm a bit "clueless" as to where it is. :P Fred Lay volunteered to go with me and I was able to do it with no worries. Thanks a ton! It was a pretty short string of clues that took me to West Ardy, the Sawmill, Bandit Camp, and finally to the banana plantation where I was reminded why I keep a diamond ring in the bank. I even looked at that ring today and was glad I still had it! I got some black chaps, 2 mage shorts, a rune full, and some lobbies and sharks. Not bad!

I then needed something to do so I decided to cut some ivy as I was close to 83 WC. My friend Dalton was on and I invited him to see my new cape so he came on over and cut ivy with me. The people there were nice and one commented right away on my aweosme cape. After sharing our 99 goals we found out we have the same birthday. Hehe :P And we both plan to get a 99 on said birthday. He's going for wc and I am going for cook. When Dalton arrived I quickly noticed his awesome combat level is 136.

Wow!! I met him when he was a lvl 3 who was happy at getting 16 Fishing. Now he has like 8 skillcapes (most combat) and like 200m in cash! He's very good at pking and is going for 99 herblore right now. And yes his RS character is a girl. :P Above is us and on the left a gal named Swans31 who was also nice to talk to. Dalton wore his defence cape for me! :D

Before long I got my other level, bringing my total level to 1998:

Wewt! It's not long now before I will have 2000 total level! I have a feeling it's gonna be one of my combat stats that will push it over that mark. :D

Before I go I leave with you these conversations taken over the past couple days:

Peeky was happy his zammy bird turned into a hawk :P

I saw a purple dot in Lletya when I was planting my papayaya so I asked who it was. It was Levi and he was being his usual funny self. :P

Just a funny statement from Twi from a few days ago using the lobby :P

Not a conversation but when I hopped for the mage tree the game lagged and my name showed up as "null." I really wonder if Aleph Null or Aleph Naught are available as account names. Only a math geek would get it :P

Time for bed! I wonder what tomorrow has in store...

Until next time...

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