Friday, March 5, 2010

Last Hours of Untrimmed Cape... :D

As I go to sleep this night I rest my head on the doggy pillow my boyfriend got me years ago knowing that when I wake up my Defence cape will trim white and I will have a brand new Cape-With-A-Guy-On-It added to my collection! I'll miss the cuteness of my untrimmed Defence cape but it's been almost 6 months since I got it and it's finally, FINALLY time for an upgrade! I really did it! Agility will be my 2nd 99! I will have trimmed my Defence cape with Agility!! I go to bed with 641 xp until the big 99 and 1996 total level! Excitement is mounting! I hope I'll be able to sleep! The party is verrrry early at 7am my time because I want my daddy to see and he will be gone all day. I'm walking the plank for it in Brim and throwing a party afterward at my favorite place ever, Trouble Brewing! Can't wait!!!!

I broke 13m xp today and casually trained a bit at gnome to accompany Twi as he tried for the agility stones. I then went smiffin in Edgy and did part of a farm run including planting my yews for the double xp weekend coming up as well as a calquat and papayaya and got 4 calquat kegs of chef's delight ready for piebake time! I then hung out in the GE until I felt like going to bed.

Good night all! Tomorrow is it!!!

Rank: 5393
XP: 13,033,790
I am between: Pio Kildare and Jakobson0. There are only two people that are lvl 98 ahead of me so it looks like I'll be around person #5393 to get my cape with a guy on it! Woohoo!!!

Until next time...

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