Friday, March 26, 2010

Little Of Everything

Ugh... My RL body has been throwing me a loop the past few days and I've been totally exhausted lately! Hopefully it will clear soon... Sheesh!

Anyways it's made gameplay for the past two days sort of intermittent. I've been training skills as I feel like it and then get tired of it quickly and go do something else for a bit. The good news is I've gotten several of the stones! :D The bad news is I forget what I did and have little pics, soooo.... Here are just a couple pics I've taken over the past two days:

I decided to finish the 1.6k pess I had but was too lazy to charge my glories so I did nats with a grack instead. I also brought another of my favorite items, the Ratpole! :D

I learned that with a lvl 92 pet house I can store 15 pets so I got my saw ready to go! Hello, natural house! :D I can now get a squirrel and gecko finally!! :D :D

A funny conversation this morning... I was talking about how I want higher lvl seeds and the ability to sell my spirit tree seeds to SOMEONE... I mean I have 10 in the bank and I refuse to dig mine up because he's so cute. As Kitt says, "It's your fault for not wanting to rip the cutie out of the ground" XD

Since my 820 dorg bulbs I made aren't tradeable I have been buying cave goblin wire. I stole a full inv before I had enough of that! They are slowly trickling in and I have to fill each bulb by hand. Spam clicking them leads to a few glitches and I even got a null glitch! They give great xp and I'm already almost under 500k till 91! I'm really thinking of going for 99! :D

Tomorrow will be a fun day. It's my birthday and I'm having an open house party, Yanille, W104, and 10am mountain time. Bring your pixel alcoholic beverages! And remember I'm gonna go out to Trouble Brewing after the house party and get 99 cooking! :D Party!!

I must go to bed now... Can't wait till tomorrow! :D

Until next time...

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