Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fireworks Times Three

Whoa! So much happened today! Where do I start??

I guess it all started when I did some farm runs and was running a little low on seeds so I put on a "clever disguise" and picked the farmer's pockets dry to replenish the allotments.

Ah nothing like ghostly robes, ardy cloak, shadow sword, and flippers! :P You can't see it, but I had on a m'speak amulet on as well. Once I was satisfied I bought some mithril seeds and then made a nice big arrow out of flowers at the GE and dropped all of the seeds and other stuff in my bank I didn't want. Bigbigsniper told me of a ninja imp buzzing around the red sallies so I caught it and got 70 rune darts. Woot! I then set off for orange sallies to get that 20k xp done.

Yay!! Now I no longer have to pot up for ninjas! Only 2 more levels until it's piratey imp time! As soon as I was done I sceptre teled over to Jalsavrah (btw it's [probably] pronounced jal-SAV-rah) and played some pyramid plunder! It was so hypnotizing that I nearly fell asleep! I find the weirdest things calming... After about an hour or so, and 68k xp later....

Yay! I'm one step closer to picking the pockets of those dang 99 thievers in sc!! Getting this level gave me quite the world-ending total as well:

Wewt! I am catching up to my dad! Before long I might even beat him in total level... O.O Last time that happened was when we started playing! :P

After that I decided to cook. I had, I dunno, 800k until 98? I was at the sizzler until Twi told me to watch him get 91 magic, but he wanted to do it in rogues den since he couldn't enter the sizzler. Ugh, I hate rogues den but all right..

Kind of a cool pic, me and Twi both wearing our 2nd skillcape (agility of course) both training the skill of which our 3rd skillcape will be! My friend foiling (now called planks) was on the same world and I haven't seen his agility cape yet so I got him out for a bit and took some pics of course. :P

First just a nice pic of the three of us... "planks" is the one in the untrimmed cape, Twi is in the middle and then me. Rogues Den is pretty dark so I was glad we were well lit. :P

And of course I had to get the obligatory synchronized poledancing pic! :P

After I took mine "planks" was adamant about getting his own so we spent some time synching up until he finally took it. I got a video of us which I am planning to put on youtube soon. I'll get it ready later.

Anyhoodledoodle, after that I returned to cooking where I easily slid into level 98 before midnight!

Holy craaaaap cooking is FAST!!

Anyways I continued the tradition of course and made my "98 cooking music" video. It started when I wanted to save the defence jingle because it was so cute. I then did it with Agility and now it's cooking time!

I got at least 3 randoms today while cooking too... LOL!

Well that's enough Runescape action for one day! It's time for bed!

Until next time...


  1. " I'm one step closer to picking the pockets of those dang 99 thievers in sc!!"

    :D I do so love stealing stacks of hard-earned runes or arrows.

    Nice one of 98 Cook as well. The two 99s are so close, you should have done a double party :P

  2. congrats at your cooking level...i hope to come to ur party!!!