Monday, March 15, 2010

Questing and Slaying

Today started with me discovering a new quest! Oh boy!! And a freeplay combat quest as well with the reward being a low lvl dungeon jam packed with monsters!! I'm sooo excited about this!! :D Mainly because now I can take some of my select other accounts (Lesko Dymond and Jeffrey Peak0 both lvl 3) and do this quest to beef them up in preparation for the stronghold! :D

Being level 122, I easily completed it. It was a cool little quest which taught the use of the combat triangle while being kinda fun. And who knows, maybe the story will come in handy! I freed everybody, except the last guy who in response to me freeing decided to self combust. :P

I have a little motivation to go after Nomad now... Perhaps I will start attempting that soon. This morning I told my dad I was gonna "pwn" Nomad (I used a more colorful word) and he laughed so hard that his coffee or whatever beverage he was drinking came out his nose! LOL! :P

Anyway I began killing things in the uber-packed dungeon for the mask bits. It was fun going through the rooms and eventually noticed the little statuettes and took them. In the last room, when I took it, a blinking arrow appeared over a lvl 20 person. Oh boy! A boss! :D Ferus was there with me too and we had a pretty fun time. I got 3, 4, and 5 before I went to W46ATAT's ORT. I ran for a bit and then left for school but upon returning ran gnome some more until I achieved the lovely milestone of 31.1m xp. I told you, I did agility because I love it, not just for the cape! Plus Massecure360 joined me for about 2 laps before he had to go but we had fun! :D

I then did a clue scroll which got me a Zamorak pg 4, worth 350k!! Woot! I was happy to avoid any coords but got 3 slidey puzzles (2 castles, 1 troll). The first puzzle was literally half done! So nice... Then, upon some brilliant advice from Kitt Fox, I broke the tab for mining/smithing (it only has like 2 lines of space max) and combined it with crafting. I then put a tab for clue scroll stuff like the chart and common emote clue things in its place. Thanks for the idea!
After that I sold some stuff and bought sharks with it. I now have another 2k waiting for me to cook. Yuck. I then did something much more enjoyable- my dag task. :D

Here's a cool pic of me in mid-slash. :D

Here I am surrounded by dags. It looks like a fight circle!

Once I was finally done, but not before getting a clue scroll, a torstol seed on my last kill for task, mega amounts of toadflax and kwuarm seeds, and almost getting pwnt (I got down to and hovered at 20 hp/200 lp eeek!), I decided to go after the last 2 mask bits.

It was ridiculous... I 1-hit all those little bugs! I killed about 2 per second and before long I had my mask bit. After looking what dropped the 2nd piece I felled some of those and got it. Woot! I assembled my mask and put it on. It looks awesome! Especially on me! I might even wear it occasionally! My cousin had done the quest earlier and got his mask and wanted a picture for the blog so I took one too. We look hawt!

Well I have to go finish my transcription project for my Orchestration class now... Luckily I got the hard part out of the way already! I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store!

Until next time...

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