Friday, May 25, 2012

Lesko Diamond Approves

...of this cape!!!!!!!1

His name is Ein and he is wearing Lesko Diamond's colors!

So awesome!!!

Until Next Time...

Fun Meme Stuff

First, I got 93 Mage almost immediately after 99 con. I was like 10k away, finally got a small lamp, and had just enough unstrung stuff to get it!

I was chasing a star at the same time which is why I was in my house that I said I never wanted to see again. XD

I decided that the new quest was interesting enough to do so I went on and did it. It was awesome!

A quest about dreams was sweeeeeet in my book!

The place of this quest looked like a cross between Terabi's Realm of Aura and Osai's Realm of Vision which made it so much fun!

 I knew I'd be jumping into the mouth of the QBD so I nabbed this epic picture!

 Flippers, ahoy!!

The rewards were great and the tough worms downstairs are really easy (for a 135 lol) and drop a ton of rune stuff! I was mostly interested in getting the Royal Cape but I didn't mind all the rune drops. I'll definitely be back to try for elite clues and the like.

 I did an evil magic tree shortly after I got 99 Con and Kicker came along because I wanted him to see my outfit. His max cape looks amazing!

Me to the left, Kicker with his greeeen cape!

I've been barraging at Pest Control for 94 mage and eventually some ranged xp and while I was there I saw this girl named Ganolover69 who was wearing hardly anything but... flippers! Yay!

Late this night/morning, I got bored and googled "Runescape Memes" after I thought of a good one. Sure enough, there is a forced RS meme! There were many good ones that I put up on Pinterest but I decided to make a few of my own. Enjoy!
 True of me and anyone, especially Merchy. :P

I really do see myself as a skiller, I just happen to have maxed melee! XD

This really happened...

The next two were inspired by tonight's lagstorm at PC:

 Scumbag RS Player...

 "Good Guy Pie"

A pet peeve of everybody...

This last one's a Canting inside joke:


Until Next Time...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Eighth Cape

I'm balanced once again! 4 skills, 4 combat capes!

 99 Construction!!!!
Big thanks to Bass Daddy, Oldmaroon, and Bezalthulus who were there to see it :-)

I never have to see this message ever again:

 Boy am I excited! I never want to look at this room again.

Last night my dad hung out with me while I made tables and saw bombed me XD

He also chef delight bombed me but I didn't get a pic. :L

 In the morning, I got up and finally got that level! Here are the pics of my capety cape because that's what everyone wants to see:

Putting on my cape for the first time, complete with my super outfit I've been planning for like 2 years:P

I am now in my own Tardis. :P

Here's every table I made from 94-99. I got a tiny return, but a return nonetheless! It cost me almost exactly 30m including paying my butler 3750 or however much it was every so often.

I leave with you a funny from this morning as I was winding down to 99:

I gave Bez some fresh air :P
Also Orix is being funnyXD

Just realized I have no pic of me breaking 13m xp because it was so fast! Let's do the math... I started on May 15 and ended on May 23. Only 8 days of tablemaking for 5m xp. That's better than Agility! Haha.

Well, off to skill some more admiring my awesome new cape :P

Until next time...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Last Bit

 98 Construction in record time! It won't be long until I'm 99! :D:D:D
Con is a skill that is proving to be a test of patience. Kind of like agility, but completely different.

 I opened a barrel of monkeys for my dad. :L

I found my twin in chat! :o

 When I met her in person, she loved green as much as I did! :D

A shoutout to Wheatley for getting 97 Firemaking, because he asked. :P

After about Wednesday or so, I never want to see my workbench again.

Until next time...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nuo-Tie-Nau Construccione

Soooooo since I've gotten my full Con outfit I've gotten straight to work. I ground it hard all day long and.....
97 Construction!!!

Con is such a fast skill. I celebrated by assisting some people in con effigies. Pro! The best news of all was with my full construction clothing outfit on, I saved two hammers. Yup, you read that right, instead of 20 hammers it took 18 to get that 900k xp. Wooooot! Thanks to lamps and effigies I'm like 900k to 98. I'm busy playing the SC needed for that and should have it shortly. Winning!

Here is my construction outfit, complete with my I-Killed-Peeky cape and a void mace.

Here is what my naked outfit looks like. Bare feet, green sweatpants, and a black tank.

I've been playing SC with a guy named Clarinets. :D
Oja would be proud :-)
Maybe I shouldn't tell him that Molly plays oboe... :P

In other news.....

I completed the last court case!!

Yeahhhhh gavel!

I assisted this guy named Sam scratch with a con effigy and loved his glowing orange eyes. XD
(the guy behind him in the headdress is Wilted Wheat)

Back to SC I go!

Until next time...

Friday, May 18, 2012


All right, so, right after we left off I got to work with the 18 hammers I needed for that next con level and, to no surprise, it arrived quickly!

96 Construction! :D:D

I've been unable to play SC since because I've been busy during the day so I've been farming and stuff. Last night I decided to play some more Temple Trekking to try for the rest of the construction outfit. Once I stopped taking Smiddi, my levels came a whole lot faster. XD

Smiddi stunning every shade at once. XD

I stayed up extra late but it was worth it because I got the last two pieces! Once I found out it stacks with hammers I was good to go! I can't wear flippers for con if I use it but who cares, nobody's gonna see me anyway and I get 1722 xp per table! That'll help pinch some pennies!

Time to get started on the 20 hammers I need for 97... :D

Until next time...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So It Begins

The following is old news but then there's some new news!

Kicker got 99 hunter and a Max cape! Gratz pro!

l-r Alexb290, Oldmaroon, Gri3f, Kicker in lovely pink lemonade, MsClick, and me

 Kicker in a primary color combo suit :P

I got 91 Firemaking. No surprise at all. I'm working my way to 92 but I stopped to play Stealing Creation. OMG I can do a 91 fm instead of cook effigy!!!!!

I did some maths and I need 100 hammers to get the just under 5m xp till 99 Con, costing me 2000 points and about 35m including paying the butler. Hecks yeahhhhhh!!!

I've been busy at Fast Sc getting it all done and have so far in the past two days gotten 95 and all the hammers for 96 which I can easily get tomorrow. I'm just too tired right now to put in 18 hammers worth. :P

 95 Construction!!

A random peek of my bank with all the proto tools in it needed for 95 Con which I got today. :D
Let's play I Spy! I see perfect shells, a tattoo and curly horns from scam wheel, the Str Outfit that I wear while FMing that I took off to play SC, some random Scam Wheel prizes, logs, compost, a larupia pouch given to me by Kicker that I didn't use, some Shattered Heart stuff, and some other random things like an infinite pouch, chimes, a random dose of super def, EnEx, keyring, super antifire flask, enchanted tiara, blah blah blah. Oh, and runes. :P

I end with some more cool capes I've seen. I really need to make these into a video! It'll be like the Unique Names video that I was featured in wayyyy back in the day (back when I was Full Of Pie). Heh, looking back on that vid, I was lvl 116! 3 cb 99's later...... 135 lol

 A lovely green, black, and pink cape by Gjefford.

 An aqua and purple heraldic cape by Dianic Wicce.

Some cool outfits in general:

This guy Pyroman48 was wearing an awesome outfit. XD

This girl made her leggings look like sweatpants so I took note and changed my naked outfit up a bit since it looked really weird and I'm going to be naked for a while as I rack up my points.

No pic of my naked outfit yet but I can tell you what it looks like. I have these sweatpants but in green (ofc lol), a black tank top (not this one), and the Sanuk style shoes colored to my skin so I look barefoot. It looks perfectly casual! Obviously in this pic I still have on the old outfit (I'm the one in the plum colored sandals and ginger skirt).

Constructionally yours,

Until Next Time

Friday, May 11, 2012

Skilling Like Crazy

Heh, since I got 99 Str I've been super busy doing other things. I landed on a medium lamp when I logged back in after a fun night out and used it to get the last 10k xp for 93 Slayer:

93 Slayer! Ice Wyrm time oh yeahhhh!!

Then it was off to the bonfires. Just from the weekly maples I got 2 fm levels, getting me my 16th skill to 90!

90 Firemaking!!

While there, I saw some awesome max capes:

Mosziee had a cool red and black one...

Carlikins had a cool green and white one!

Ray Gunn and her cool pink cape.

 twangster03 and his cool clan cape! I wish I knew the clan because I want one! Haha.

I did my 89 iron dragon task today and apart from almost dying because I went afk, got chomped AND ran out of antifire, these cool things happened:

You've gotta be kidding me. MORE D legs???

I made someone's day with my silly flippers. :-)

Until next time...