Sunday, May 6, 2012

Randomness this May Day 2012

 I went to PC for a while to boost up my Str and found another really awesome looking cape!

 Greedy Meech and his sweet cape.

Per wild weekend, I got curled horns and a mystic tattoo. I made a cool Pwnz0r outfit with the horns and admired my sexy being. :P


I got Jad as a task again and got to the Ket Zek all three times I started the waves! It looks so pretty :P
On my second run I actually killed one and redbarred another! I obvs died on this one but I wanted a cool pic so whatevs.

For reference, here is an almost identical picture of me dying at the Ket Zek before it got updated. XD I'm pro at dying. :P

Also it glitched up and stopped counting my progress and slayer xp when I had 92 left. I noticed this about halfway through my third run. I didn't know what to do so I canceled the task and went on with life. :P

Today I had fire giants and took my  ROW with me, hoping to get another cool drop like the 20+ noted torstol I got last time. I got a noted addy ore drop and realized it was from the ROW. I was expecting it to be like 20 but when I looked at my inventory...

 249 Addy Ore!!!! Whoaaa! I barred it and made it all into bolts after my task. :P Pro profit!

I got some more tasks and clues etc and caught these funnies from Wilted Wheat while at Junglywyyrms:

Th()()nks! XD

That started a trend. XD h()h()!

I'm tired and crazy! This will have a different tone tomorrow when I reread it again.

Finals are tomorrow and then I'm done with college! Woot!

Until next time...

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