Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nuo-Tie-Nau Construccione

Soooooo since I've gotten my full Con outfit I've gotten straight to work. I ground it hard all day long and.....
97 Construction!!!

Con is such a fast skill. I celebrated by assisting some people in con effigies. Pro! The best news of all was with my full construction clothing outfit on, I saved two hammers. Yup, you read that right, instead of 20 hammers it took 18 to get that 900k xp. Wooooot! Thanks to lamps and effigies I'm like 900k to 98. I'm busy playing the SC needed for that and should have it shortly. Winning!

Here is my construction outfit, complete with my I-Killed-Peeky cape and a void mace.

Here is what my naked outfit looks like. Bare feet, green sweatpants, and a black tank.

I've been playing SC with a guy named Clarinets. :D
Oja would be proud :-)
Maybe I shouldn't tell him that Molly plays oboe... :P

In other news.....

I completed the last court case!!

Yeahhhhh gavel!

I assisted this guy named Sam scratch with a con effigy and loved his glowing orange eyes. XD
(the guy behind him in the headdress is Wilted Wheat)

Back to SC I go!

Until next time...

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