Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun Meme Stuff

First, I got 93 Mage almost immediately after 99 con. I was like 10k away, finally got a small lamp, and had just enough unstrung stuff to get it!

I was chasing a star at the same time which is why I was in my house that I said I never wanted to see again. XD

I decided that the new quest was interesting enough to do so I went on and did it. It was awesome!

A quest about dreams was sweeeeeet in my book!

The place of this quest looked like a cross between Terabi's Realm of Aura and Osai's Realm of Vision which made it so much fun!

 I knew I'd be jumping into the mouth of the QBD so I nabbed this epic picture!

 Flippers, ahoy!!

The rewards were great and the tough worms downstairs are really easy (for a 135 lol) and drop a ton of rune stuff! I was mostly interested in getting the Royal Cape but I didn't mind all the rune drops. I'll definitely be back to try for elite clues and the like.

 I did an evil magic tree shortly after I got 99 Con and Kicker came along because I wanted him to see my outfit. His max cape looks amazing!

Me to the left, Kicker with his greeeen cape!

I've been barraging at Pest Control for 94 mage and eventually some ranged xp and while I was there I saw this girl named Ganolover69 who was wearing hardly anything but... flippers! Yay!

Late this night/morning, I got bored and googled "Runescape Memes" after I thought of a good one. Sure enough, there is a forced RS meme! There were many good ones that I put up on Pinterest but I decided to make a few of my own. Enjoy!
 True of me and anyone, especially Merchy. :P

I really do see myself as a skiller, I just happen to have maxed melee! XD

This really happened...

The next two were inspired by tonight's lagstorm at PC:

 Scumbag RS Player...

 "Good Guy Pie"

A pet peeve of everybody...

This last one's a Canting inside joke:


Until Next Time...

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