Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Closing In

 I'm sooo close to 99 Str! Just a few more good slayer tasks and I'll have it. In fact, I'll also get 93 Slayer, probably before I hit 99. It's amazing how fast slayer goes when training for a 99! ...although it didn't help that I got iron dragons (a mage-only task for me) haha. I got an elite clue from it which got me some much needed Nardah teles so I was happy.

Some time before that I hit a medium lamp on the Scam Wheel and used it on my Smiffin skill which didn't level despite the 249 addy ore that I got and made into bolts. Such a frustrating skill. Anyway, that was more than enough to level me and I finally got it out of the way.

86 Smithing!
Time to make addy leg/skirt, r00n hatchet, and Gorg kite/chain!

I leave you with a funny from chat. We started saying random and sort-of-related one-liners in rapid succession.

My last final of college is in an hour and some! Eek eek eek!
Until next time...

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