Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Eighth Cape

I'm balanced once again! 4 skills, 4 combat capes!

 99 Construction!!!!
Big thanks to Bass Daddy, Oldmaroon, and Bezalthulus who were there to see it :-)

I never have to see this message ever again:

 Boy am I excited! I never want to look at this room again.

Last night my dad hung out with me while I made tables and saw bombed me XD

He also chef delight bombed me but I didn't get a pic. :L

 In the morning, I got up and finally got that level! Here are the pics of my capety cape because that's what everyone wants to see:

Putting on my cape for the first time, complete with my super outfit I've been planning for like 2 years:P

I am now in my own Tardis. :P

Here's every table I made from 94-99. I got a tiny return, but a return nonetheless! It cost me almost exactly 30m including paying my butler 3750 or however much it was every so often.

I leave with you a funny from this morning as I was winding down to 99:

I gave Bez some fresh air :P
Also Orix is being funnyXD

Just realized I have no pic of me breaking 13m xp because it was so fast! Let's do the math... I started on May 15 and ended on May 23. Only 8 days of tablemaking for 5m xp. That's better than Agility! Haha.

Well, off to skill some more admiring my awesome new cape :P

Until next time...

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