Friday, May 18, 2012


All right, so, right after we left off I got to work with the 18 hammers I needed for that next con level and, to no surprise, it arrived quickly!

96 Construction! :D:D

I've been unable to play SC since because I've been busy during the day so I've been farming and stuff. Last night I decided to play some more Temple Trekking to try for the rest of the construction outfit. Once I stopped taking Smiddi, my levels came a whole lot faster. XD

Smiddi stunning every shade at once. XD

I stayed up extra late but it was worth it because I got the last two pieces! Once I found out it stacks with hammers I was good to go! I can't wear flippers for con if I use it but who cares, nobody's gonna see me anyway and I get 1722 xp per table! That'll help pinch some pennies!

Time to get started on the 20 hammers I need for 97... :D

Until next time...

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