Thursday, May 10, 2012

99 Nau Nome

I've been slaying nonstop the past few days chipping away at that lovely Fist cape as I call it now. As I've gone about my slashy business, I seem to have nailed the rare drop table because my drops were ridiculous! I got a whip drop (#5?) and TWO dragon daggers on my abby demon task!

I knew it was a whip because it looked like a toadflax herb under there and nothing drops toadflax, only seeds. XD  Yay for getting a clear shot of the whip before picking it up!

First Dragon Dagger...

Second Dragon Dagger ;o

I had an iron task and a steel task and got 3 D Legs among them! :[]

The 2nd D Legs at steels during that task!

After that excitement I ended up with Wyverns with 150k xp to go till 99 Str. I canceled in hopes I'd get something to melee but got iron dragons again so I went to armoured zombies for a little bit and then decided to just hang out at hellhounds until I got close to that level.

Grwtz turned into Grwwf :P

Levi is so pro he got 99 cooking by kicking Jad!

Aaaaaaand... now for the pics you've been waiting for! I got 99 Strength today making my 7th 99!!

Breaking 13m xp...

lolz I lost the pic of me getting 99. It was at animated armour. Use your imagination. :P

Fixin to buy the skillcape :D:D

Puttin on that smexy Fist cape!

Emoting time!

Thank you to Dr Leviathan, H Alger, and Augite who were there to watch me level up and celebrate!

My stats as they were with my 7th 99 :-)

Afterwards I was excited and wasted no time in fully taking advantage of the new bonfire update. Got both of my fire rocks within like 2 minutes and I'm enjoying the little rewards and stuff. I'm thinkin some fire levels won't be too far behind, pushing me up to 90!

Triple log throwing synch!

Time to enjoy some lyfe!

Until next time...

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