Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Randomness this June Day + End of June Hiscores

Whoa what a day! I did a lot of random things today. First, I ran some agility on w46. However I cut my time short so that I could do a dungeon with Zoorhana. Since he's freeplay at the mo, I got on Faerie Tana and the two of us pwnt!!

What started as 1 or 2 floors soon turned into 5 before we both had to go. :D We got Icy Bones and the Frostweb chick. Even though I was a lvl 27 (getting lvl 27 while killing something!) I still was able to pwn! However I couldn't do any of the skill doors but luckily Zoorhana could do most of them. :PLike I said I love Dunj now! I really dunno what happened but it rocks!

After that I decided to help Tanyakins get the greegrees so I went to Ape Atoll thru the spirit tree and then hung out at the base of the agility course. She went to switch computers and never returned... :o I took off the greegree of course, because everyone knows I hate it, and hung out with some fellow agilifiers. Cossack showed up after a few minutes and we waited about an hour for Tanya to return. I dunno if she ever did, because I had to leave and go to a meeting. :P

The monkey on the left is RimaTouyaFtw and the guy on the right is hockeyowns16. The three of us and then later Cossack had a lot of fun just hanging out. I pointed them towards my blog and they both seemed to like it. :P I also just barely caught this funny from Peeky:

After I got back I did my dragon slayer task, got the fm rocks (lol got #1 lighting random fires on the agil course this morning :P), and ended up once again soloing an evil tree. There were plenty of people waiting for it but when the sap grew and I teled there not a soul was in sight. So I got to work cutting it when Peeky pm'd me asking if I would help him plant dwarf weed seeds. I told him I would if he would cut the evil willow with me so he came over and I got a pic! :D

He got that crown by catching his own kingly! It's looks soooo cute! I know I've said it before but it's cuuute!! Two people showed up near the end and the tree finally died from the 3rd lightning. Lucky Peeky got a clue! I got a clue from dragons earlier that I'll film tomorrow. Cmon Robin! :D I helped Peeky plant his seeds and then went to Tears of Guthix to try and get some dunj levels and therefore more floors. I got something like 143 tears which was pwnage and got 46 Dunj!!

Nothing this level but in a floor or two I'll have 47 and another floor! I did a dungeon right before leaving for the night and got Rammernaut again. What a noob boss! I pwnt him with my hawt fire wave like usual. It won't be long now before I have 70 dunj and 70+ all again!

Well, another month has come and gone so here are my hiscores as they stand after my last June day:

Yay, almost 100k xp in dunj... :P Now is where the xp really takes off! I love how my rank and my xp are almost the same. LOL! And I am lovin my agility rank! It's going up so high! I have a ton of skills about to level and it won't be long before I do. I still need to finish the statue... I need RC and Hunter, both of which are 5 digits till leveling so I might go level them. :D I am also VERY close to 90 Attack! I'll definitely get it or at least get very close with my 220 greater demon task! I'll pro tank that tomorrow. Crafting will raise when I feel like playing SC. I am lovin helping with effigies! I feel like my high crafting is worth two cents and I love to help people! I've gotten a good amount of xp from it which I am sooo happy for! Pretty much every time I help someone it's like the amount of a SC needle so that's a game less I gotta play! :D

Well I better go to bed now. I can't wait to play tomorrow! :D

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Told Myself

...that I would go to bed before midnight. It's now 1am! Currently nothing tempts me like a dungeon! :D

Today I worked on getting those last 4 pairs of stones. Well, I didn't get far because I didn't feel like doing any of those skills but I did get the thieving stones and a lovely green outfit for week 13:

Of course the morning started out with me rolling out of bed and rollin' right into W46 for some open run time! :D Kayla got a gilded skirt today so she bought a gilded top and the two of us plus Rachy gave each other some lovin. :D

I played Faerie Tana for a bit today and got Sheld of Arrav done! It was not without drama over my poor pardner having to keep leaving... I finally found someone and phewwwww it's all done! Now it's 2 quests left before the mother of all... free quests... Dragon Slayer! :D I gotta get that mage up...

Back on Pie I did my penguins and had 32 penguin points! With sooo many of my skills under 100k to lvling it was a hard decision but I decided to go with my original gut and put it on prayer, getting 76! :D

I went to FOG on Faerie Tana after that and got so sick of being paired with lvl 90's (against my lvl 25) that I got on Pie, bougth a rune skimmy and kite, and marched my flippered, full runed, agile caped, chompy hatted pixels over there and pwned everybody! I got a lvl 3 on one of them so I let him get lotsa charges before I maged him. We added each other and the next time I saw him he was lvl 13. Hehe. :D I got enough tokens to get dragon slayer gloves! Yay! I went back to mems, got ancients on, and continued playing FOG until I was going to go to bed, when Twi asked me to do a dungeon with him. I couldn't say no so we did floors 16 and 17.

Both times we got the incredibly nooby Rammernaut! Lvl 116 both times too!

He went oof a lot! :P

After the 2nd dungeon I was surprised to get 45 dunj!

Twi left, closing my screen, so I have no idea what else I can do... >.<

Woot! Now 70 dunj and therefore 70+ again doesn't look that far away! I am lovin this dunj business now that I have a grasp of what to do and how it works. It still has kinks that need ironing but I am content now. I get insane xp in all my skills in here! I wanna take Faerie Tana to one and see what I can level on her... :P

Well I better go to bed, if I ever expect to get up early again... :P Goodnight!

Until next time...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Celebrating Achievements

Today I finished my wyvern task, which took FOREVER!!!, did the following Suqah task easily in one go with a moss titan, and now have 180-some blue dragons! No effigy yet but I am really close to 90 attack!

Other than that I spent the day celebrating the achievements... of others! First, a bunch of us in Canting convinced Tanyakins to do Desert Treasure as her next quest. :P She was a little nervous at first but I told her I'd go to at least 2 of the bosses with her before I had to mow the lawn. She decided to tackle the smoke diamond first so I went down to the boss room to find Levi already there! :D

She pwnt him quite easily and we jumped for joy before me and her headed off for the next boss- Dessous! I waited in the graveyard and I got my now-famous and traditional picture of her pwning him!

What she doesn't know is that I got both of these boss-pwning trips on film!! I now present "Tanyakins Pwns Desert Treasure" :D

After that and my slayer task I got a message that Dr Lepage was getting 99 agility!!! Woohoo! Of course I would be there! I got that on film too!

After that I met up with Jaxana and G and the three of us chatted for a while. It's always fun to hang out with other bloggers! Jax eventually left and I talked to G for a long time. I also snuck a pic before we left for the house party. :P

Tomorrow I need to do penguins and get 4 pairs of stones... *headdesk* I've been so busy this week questing that I haven't finished the statue. I hope it goes quickly! :P Also, Jax suggested Friday Night Nomad Pwning until we beat him. I'm totally down with that! :D

Until next time...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Of Quests and Soul Wars and a Little Fun

Today was an interesting day. I mainly played on Faerie Tana and got even more of the freeplay quests done! In fact, I only have 4 left. Not bad for 2 days of questing! Here is a little candid photo of what Faerie Tana looks like, whilst completing Romeo and Juliet.

"I ran ALL over Varrock for this quest and all I got were 5 stinkin Quest points!"

If you notice, Faerie Tana is quite different from Pie on many levels. First off, *gasp!* she's not green! Going through all the possible choices I decided that the pink two toned hair in pigtails was my favorite with the dark skin. If you look carefully you will see that I have Fancy Boots! :D Also I am in full Mithril after like 2 days of combat! And AMG that chick has on moonclan robes!! And wtf is wrong with Juliet's eyes??

I'm not sure what I want to get with this account but it's been really fun training skills at levels where I gain several levels per activity. Plus, doing all those quests that have been reworked since I did and forgot them 4 years ago has been awesome. I feel much more prepared to help on things of this level. While I was doing this quest I found a funny quote:

I only have 4 left! Dark Warrior, Goblin Diplomacy, Shield of Arrav, and Dragon Slayer! The only one I'm worried about is Shield of Arrav because that means I have to find a cooperative partner. :P If I feel too weak for dragon slayer I'll just head back to FOG and fix that problemo. :P

Anyway back on Pie, actually right when I posted last night's blog instead of going to bed I did a dungeon and got up a floor. It was quick and my monsters and boss easy.

Maging Bulwark Beast is for the win! I don't need a pickaxe! :D

When I got on today I did another floor and got like a lvl 98 unholy cursebearer. Heh. I pwnt it with a sword! This was my first time in the dungeon with the new magic animations and they were pwnsauce!

Anyways I didn't know what I wanted to do (I would have done the rest of my slayer task but I didn't feel like preparing and getting down there) so I decided to train some range and go to Soul Wars. Of course I took my Jade Bolts and my Forge Regent and got a ton of WTF's off the specs. After 2 tie rounds I got myself close to 10k range xp off the 4 zeal, getting me 71k till 81 range. Woot! Of course being that close to Nomad's tent was WAYYYYYY too tempting so I went in to 2-item him. Well we had a lovely conversation... until it turned sour! Ahahahahaha!

By Full Of Pie

Things were not going well. In fact Nomad was starting to act a little... odd... I got my best puppydog eyes on and knocked on his apartment door.

Well, it's not really an "apartment door" per se, it's actually the window of his mommy's basement, but Nomad is always threatening to KO me if I don't call it an apartment door. I acted all nonchalant as I made myself cozy near him while he just stood in his threatening position.

We started to talk and I slowly segued into my complaints about how he was far too busy playing games like "Soul Wars" and not hanging out with me. He argued that he was a mod for Soul Wars and that he had to be there to run the game. Well ok, but all the time?? What about me??? He started to get a little angry. You know the type... I tried to keep it from escalating out of control...

But he would have none of it! Oh boy... My patience was running thin and soon it escalated into an all-out war of words. There was much 1-upping and many words like "noob" and "kid" were sputtered faster than in Varrock West Bank. It was like we were little kids bragging about money and weapons and why we're right and not only is our way the BEST way but the ONLY way! Guthix help you if you should attempt something not what I say! Ok, ok I am getting carried away. "Breathe, calm down! End this now!" I decided that this voice in my head was worth listening to and... the evening didn't fare too well...

I finally called it all off. We were through. Nomad and I were splitsville. He was obviously none too pleased and k0'd me, shouting "Pathetic!" Of course, I had to one up him with one last retort:

I had the last word and therefore won. I appeared in the alley right outside his (mommy's) home. A little imp asked me WTF happened and told me I died to which I replied with a clever and epic response:

We talked for a bit and he comforted me, saying our split was the right thing. Unfortunately, I swore revenge on Nomad...

I kinda wish I didn't, because now I have to go back and kill him. Doh! Oh well... I guess this is really the end of Nomad! Look out buddy... That's what I'll call you... Hey buddy- you watch your cape! I'm coming after you with my friends Shelley and Mr. Mrowl and it's not gonna be pretty! Then we'll see who is the pathetic one!

So yeah... that's how it really went down... If only everyone knew... :P

As a sidenote, while staging this story I discovered he actually shouts "pathetic" when you have 1 lifepoint and not 0! Who knew! Now I know why I lived that one day. The death shot took two takes because he put down the mines and therefore talked the first time and I couldn't say it. -.- He actually got me down to 1 lp twice (because I auto healed to 2) so I actually got called pathetic 3 times. :P

Until next time...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

One Year Ago

Today is the anniversary of my first mega huge milestone. I've been hinting at it for the past week but in case you didn't follow, here are some pictures:

A year ago today I beat WGS and got my quest cape- an absolutely huge milestone for me, since I had only made the decision to get it about two months prior! I went to bed that night and all I heard was the sound of the emote. I was so proud I could have burst! I wore that cape loud and proud and for about a week I couldn't stop staring at it. I had a cape! A real cape with a logo on the back! I had done it!A year later, I am working hard at getting it back.

Because of other things that have happened the frustration of going after nomad has mounted so I'm giving it a rest for a bit to get my blood pressure down! :P I will have it. I know I can do it! I basically did do it! Haha, I just remembered that on one of my last attempts he nearly killed me. He shouted "pathetic" but I healed at exactly the same time and I lived! Hahahahahahahahaha in yo face! When I finally get that quest cape back by golly I am going to sit in Edgeville and emote for about an hour and then parade all over Runecape!

Am I sad that I didn't get it back on the anniversary? Oh of course. It's extremely frustrating. But, it's not the end of the world and my sanity is wayyy more important and I'll get it in due time. At least I CAN do it! Plus I'm all caught up so I can see that cape back on!

Anyways today was rather interesting. I first off did about half of my wyvern task, stopping when I ran out of food. Kayla happened to have them too so I gave her some tips to make them a little more bearable and got a pic of us:

I eventually ran out of monkfish so I decided to finally claim my woodcutting reward from Myths of the White Lands:

I love slippin and slidin around on that ice! Also notice my lovely blue outfit that I put on for fun. :P For some reason sliding around reminds me of my cat slipping in the snow from her outdoor days. :D

Getting that lovely reward left me with just 6k to 88 woodcutting so about 5 minutes on ivy later:

...88 Woodcutting was mine! :D

Now here is something interesting- for the past two days I've been playing on one of my other accounts- Faerie Tana! I kind of want to try PVP but I don't want to do it on Pie so I have spent a ton of the past two days playing on her and beefing her up. I found the prefect safe place to raise her combat- Fist of Guthix! I have never played it before except for that awkward time to unlock the music, where I had no idea what I was doing. Well, I caught on quickly and every run I would level multiple things. I got in and out of black armour and weps in less than a day and am now in Mithril. FOG is much faster on my mom's computer so I have no pics but I came back and played a few rounds on Pie now that I knew how to play. I got some tokens! I have no clue what to spend them on so I might just get those berserker shields, uncharge, and sell. On Faerie Tana, I managed toget a pic of the massive, laggy carnage which is FOG:

Check out the updated magic spells too! I was worried that they'd sound really different (I'm fussy like that lol) but they look great and sound amazing! The earth spells look awesome and the water surge spell looks soooooooo cool! I have no idea where I am, because I'm buried in a blanket of hitsplats!

Also yesterday my buddy Bridled Ruin got 99 Fishing so I was there ready for a pic:

He has like 40m worth of rocktails on him now... :o

Back to today, since it was the anniversary of my quest cape, I was in a questing mood! Even though I didn't feel up to nomad that sure as heck didn't stop me from doing the freeplay quests on Faerie Tana! I did several today and last night and feel very satisfied. Since I started 4 years ago, I've forgotten a lot of the free quests so it's been really fun to experience them in high-graphic, storyline-updated glory. I was thrilled that the holiday quests are back to freeplay again too so she now has a broom and did the icy slidey slippery quest! :D

Man I got spoiled by 99 agility! It's so weird walking everywhere and being able to run like... only from one side of a city to the other... I'm used to running from Lumbridge all the way to the wildy ditch or better yet, teleporting! XD Of note, I did Vampire Slayer and doubled my attack xp, going from 20 to 26 and getting me 2 combat levels (to 23) and I did Knights Sword which raised me from 6 to 29 smiffin! Hehe, smiffin is my highest skill now and the one one with xp in the 5 digit range. :D

Back on Pie, I felt like playing a minigame so I looked at my auto login world and it was trawler so I headed off. I have loads of tar from shade burning so I played a couple rounds just for fun. While there another hilarious conversation happened in Canting:

First we were talking about our defence xp and I brought up that I have 14.1 which makes me a "sad narb defence nooououuuuub." We then talked about those str elitists that are everywhere which led to this. Hehe. And as for the guy who said "boov" instead of "noob" and I got a screenie, I have it right here!

Man that pic is from my oldddd archives! :D Me and my dad still joke about it and of course we also still joke about these ones that I just have to include:

We still say "rune booooooooooooooooooots" and we even still say "scammer. reported. aswell."

And we still love saying "oh huh-sut up!!!" :D

Today was a productive day and was a ton of fun. :D I wonder what tomorrow has in store!

Until next time...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quest, Quest, Quest...

Today I did, like 5 or 6 more runs at nomad. I got sooooooooo close one time! He was redbarred and so was I but I ran out of brews so it was all up to my Kyatt and ohhhhhhh I thought I had him but alas... I shoulda turned on retribution. Oh well I know for next time! Of course that pissed me off and I was in a really bad mood all day from frustration so I apologize to anyone who was like "WTF is up with Pie???!?!!?!?" Oh well I know I can do it! It's all up to the ruby bolt specs now!

Annnyyyywwwaaayyyysssss..... I logged on, before I did all this nomad stuff for today, and noticed a new quest! Of course, a new quest has to come out as I'm getting my quest cape back. However it looked to be rather easy so I decided to give it a go. I was glad I did, because it was my kind of quest! A cliffhanger calm quest full of puzzles! I could do this, and easy! So, I set off to find out who stole the cookie from the cookie jar and then went back in time just like in the Lunar Series and did puzzles!

The first one was just a small, yet oversized, slidey puzzle! After getting that done and a little later I appeared on a bridge with a cool sword!

The third puzzle was my favorite- a logic puzzle! I made some little graphs and soon figured out who was where, what they were thinking about, and what they saw. Then there was a cutscene of that chick fighting a torcher. I sat and waited. And waited... and waited....... and finally about about 5 minutes it occurred to me that I was in control and I was supposed to attack it! Hehe ooooooops! After that the quest ended in a cliffhanger and I was left feeling excited for part 2!

So like I said after the quest I went and tried nomad and got uber close except that last round. I sucked at that one. Oh well at least every time I never lost a Shelley full of stuff! Oh, and learn from my fail. Make sure your crossbow is on rapid and not longrange. It makes you actually get some hits in before drinking brews and stuff. The first time I realized and switched is when I almost beat him. So, a word to the wise. Rapid!

Being pissed from frustration I blew off some steam farming and catching some more Kyatts. I was also finally able to take a snapshot of a glitch I noticed a couple weeks ago of My Arm when he picks his goutweed. LOL!

His neck streeeettttchhhhesssss!! XD

Anyways I was in the mood to grind something but not nomad so I decided to just sit down and to EW3. With a guide it wasn't that bad but it did take a very long time. That puzzle would have been ridiculously impossible for me without a guide! It's along the same likes as MEP2...

I threw on some random gear and got to work! After an hour of pushing levers and moving cogs around I finally got to the part where the machine steals my defence and makes bars with it:

The rest was easy and I then made my own body body (what kind of name is that -.-) and the quest was done! The rewards were totally not worth the effort and length of the quest in my opinion but heyyyy I have a body body that makes cool effects when I put it on and that quest is behind me!

I then did more farming and met up with some friends who were slaying to show off my cool green and yellow outfit that I randomly threw on. :D

I then 3-itemed a basilisk without a shield on to purposely get pwnt. Then, I made some pizzas and then finished the night off with an evil maple tree in Lletya with Tanya and Aqua. It was way fun! Oh and speaking of pizza, they updated cheese so now it churns uber fast and makes wheels instead of a piece of cheese. With my 99 cooking I get anywhere from 5 to 25 pieces of cheese off a wheel!! Woooot! A great small update and just in time!! I've been semi-secretly making pizza for the past few days for fun and this really helps! Yayyyy!

Well I'm off to bed. I got lots to do tomorrow. Patience! Give me patience, and great specs all round!

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Finally Did It!

Well folks, as far as the Nomad department goes, it's on!!! I finally got on my mom's uber-fast, large screen compy and set off to pwn this nub! Once I got there I was much, much less scared and even calm. From my view, nomad is like a mithril dragon except he hits really, really, really high-- enough to warrant the use of sara brews. I now understand why people die so much before succeeding. All 5 of my attempts I took today ended in a pwnt pie because I was busy working out the proper ratio for me of brews and restores. Luck also plays a huge part, because that last run I didn't get any ruby specs on him until after like 3 waves! That run was the worst- he pwnt me when I still had plenty of supplies. But, it was getting later and I was getting tired and losing focus. I'll go back tomorrow with a clear head!

I'm using a Shelley with lots of brews on top and some restores at the bottom. That way when I take the BOB I get restores until the very end, which is when I pretty much end up using the restores. I tried using a Kyatt with Ambush but I ran out of pots when he was just at 1/4 health before healing the 2 or 3 times I tried it so I went in with a Birdo and then with a Shelley.

Sorry I have no awesomesauce pics... Like I said I was on my mom's computer, and I'm not sure it even has paint! :P I did plug in my own mouse so that I had the feel of it down and I didn't have to totally adjust to a new system! Hehe... :P However I have one funny from this morning:

I guess a bunch of servers crashed and then rolled back 5 minutes so my friend Catti told me that Jagex dressed her. Too funny! XD

Hopefully tomorrow will bring news of triumph!! Huge thanks to Fred for hanging out at the SW lobby and cheering me on and thankies to my dad for selling me more brews and restores! :D When I beat this thing... You can expect to see some sort of culinary art in celebration! :P

Final score for the night:

NOMAD: 5. PIE: 0.

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well I have been basically running agility and dungeoneering the past two days! Let's see here...

Yesterday I made the word AGILE in flowers while at open run time:

I also nommed a summer pie and saw this awesome number:

And speaking of boosted stats.... Kayla discovered today that when you put on any skillcape, for about 5 seconds, your level goes to 100! Very cool!!!!!!!!! And because I wub Kayla here is another Kayla-ism that made me laugh and go wubwubwubwubwub:

Also, Kayla told me about new Pretzel M&M's so today I went to the local store and bought some. Mannnnn they are so goooodddddd!!!! Thank you Kaylaaaaaa they rock!

After all that I decided to do a dungeon with Vandyballer. It started out cool enough but it quickly turned into...
The Dungeon From Hell!!!!!

First off, here is this funny from the ferret event which involves catching and cooking some gross fish. Well, the designers of Dunj had a great sense of humor and these messages never failed to make me laugh!
"You have a hilarious fishing accident that one day you'll tell your grandchildren about."
"You burn the fish so spectacularly that there is nothing left of it."

Our first clue that this was the dungeon from Hell was that poisonous pyramid maze. It was a really confusing maze and we were poisoned before we were even close. I died 3 times trying to go back and get to the top. Vandy finally did it but the damage was done. We used pretty much all of our food on this contraption alone and getting a lvl 206 Hobgoblin Geomancer was totally not helping our case. Nothing we did would hit it so our deaths came rolling in quicker than a storm. Finally with all money and food exhausted we would just die and then run right back in and try to get a couple hits in before dying again. It was awful, but we finally prevailed! However I died an additional 9 times beinging my death total on this dungeon to 12. I was doubting the likelihood of even getting xp at all but even with hefty penalties I still got the most xp I've ever gotten in a dungeon, by far! Yay!

Despite this, I was hooked. :P

The next day began with more agility and then some farming and smiffin, getting those stones done. I also got mining last night woot! I then set off and did a dungeon with my dad. He was on his laptop on the couch with me next to him on mine so it was really easy to communicate. It was also easy because I set it to small so that it wouldn't take as long. We did 2 floors and both got levels!
Woot lvl 42!!

After those two I left and did Tears of Guthix, getting me another level!

Yay 43!

I then left to do a farm run and then a M&M star. I teleported to MLH and wasn't scoping so I was going by when I wrote it down. The sound was turned down because I was watching one of my favorite shows on TV (The Dr. Oz Show) and as I was banking getting a home teleport ready I saw the star floof! There was nobody waiting so I got the finders! Yay! It was a size 5 (which seems to be the case for every MLH star I tag LOL) and I got Vandyballer to come help me.

Well, afterwards I convinced him to do 2 floors with me. :P We had a much better time and had lots of fun. He then left and I went solo for a floor. It started out very badly, as I wasn't sure if I could even beat the first skeleton! After panicking and trying to sell stuff for different weapons I finally beat him, but ran out of prayer just as I did. So, I took a death on a zombie later to recharge it. I managed to find stuff and summoned a Beast of Burden! Yeahhhhh!! Upon looking at his chat head I was pleasantly surprised to find the cutest little guy with the chubbiest cheeks!! Eeeeeee so cute!

I'm gonna name him Devin. :P

Anyways I got Unholy Cursebearer which is the easiest boss ever and despite my stats lowering to below Fire Wave ability I was content to then pwn him with a large axe. Having Devin there full of salve eels was also very nice and he was pwnt easily. This gave me over 1k xp (yaaay!) and pushed me to yet another dunj level!

Woot! I leveled Dunj 3 separate times today! :D I am really lovin this now, as I am getting to the levels where it's more rewarding than annoying. Finally that Scroll of Life doesn't seem that far away!

I leave with you 2 videos I made in the last couple days. The first one is of a recent faux-practice run at Nomad. I was only going to see how his timing and average hits worked out so I took monkfish and enchanted jade bolts. As you can see I managed to get him with the spec twice and even his a 130-something! I managed to survive a complete wave before getting hugely pwnt. I lagged but wanted to say "omgimonfire" or "pathetic!" when I died. Oh well, the movie I made is awesome! That's Mike at the beginning. :P

I am now gearing up to really fight him and am terrified but confident. I'm mainly afraid because I don't know how sara brewing is going to behave, since I've never done it before. I've got a few methods up my sleeves on familiars and inventory and hopefully I'll be victorious! Especially since Saturday is the 1 year anniversary of getting my Quest Cape and how cool would it be to redeem it on that day. I still have EW3 to do also but with guides it shouldn't be too hard. I think a year ago today I beat Desert Treasure. Woop woop!

Next, here is a vid of me and *gasp* Bass Daddy, in real life! He planted a maple tree like 15 years ago right outside my sister's bedroom window, waaayyyy too close to the house. It's finally big enough that the roots are going to break the foundation so it had to come down. I'm sad because he cut down another maple that was way too close to the house when we first moved and because I had for some reason gotten attached to it I cried so he planted me a new maple but when we build our shed he cut that one down too! He planted another one (it's a tall stump in the video) and also cut that one down because it was in the way of his huge oak that he planted. -.- So every maple in our yard has now been cut and it makes me mad! :P Anyways we were playing around and obviously cracking loads of Runescape jokes while we were cutting it so here is a short movie of first me and then my dad "leveling in Woodcutting." I even subtitled it for you using my amazing movie making skills so that you can understand what I'm saying. :P

Today we planted an oak sapling in the middle of our yard (training farming haha) and at least he sort of redeemed himself that way... :P

Well it's late and this post has been huge so I'm going to leave it at that. Who knows maybe tomorrow will have one pwnt nomad in store! :D

Until next time...