Monday, June 7, 2010

A Hunch Usually Brings Incredible Luck :D

First off, this morning I started off by running with W46ATAT. Woohoo!! I can finally run with them again! I invited Kayla and Rachy and they both enjoyed themselves. Kayla really got into it too and made fires and even did some afro trails! :D

It was a great run and I now have nearly 13.9m xp!!! It won't be long now! I was having so much fun that I decided to record and make a small video of what it's like to run during ORT:

Of course I was stat spying everybody thanks to Kitt Fox giving me some body runes. Who woulda thought I'd run out of BODY runes?? Haha the most common reaction was "D:" which made me laugh! :D I also had on my top hat combo because I love it. I'm definitely going to alternate between the two now! :P

Anyways I then did some farm runs and other blah stuff. I played some Fast Sc but it kept getting spammed with both annoying bickering idiots and another sc clan who kept advertising their chat. Ugh... There was also a lot of pking so I bailed after just a few games. I'll try again tomorrow and maybe even try Sc Claymates... Maybe they have a better grip on things at the mo... :P

Soooooooo... I suddenly felt like killing Cave Horrors for some reason so I actally went and killed some. I forgot a yip so I left after a kill and came back. I was starting to get into it when I killed one and when I went to pick up the drop it said what I have longed to see for so long. In fact, I forgot to take a picture because I was soooo excited!

I've killed thousands of these and there on like the 5th kill I got one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1.7m!!!!!!!! I bought mine for 600k! That's what I spent on crafting the other day to buy 999 green leather! Woooooooot!!

I tried to sell it but it wouldn't sell so I decided that the time was right to do my Firegiant task! :D I put it on (looking stupid :P) and made my way to Glarial's cave where I began to pwn them.

Haha back in the day when my dad had his black mask I made fun of him so much. :P It looks so silly but it was such ownage! Now I get to use one and look dum too! After 1 yip worth it's down to 7 charges and I really hope that I can get it all the way down before my task ends, or that my next task is a normal monster and not something like dusties or spectres where I need my slayer helm. I can't wait to sell this and buy more green d-leather!!! Woop woop woop!!!!!

I'm wilting fast and I have to get up early tomorrow for an eye appointment where I'll be told that playing Runescape all day every day is turning my eyes inside out. :P So, good night!

Until next time...

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