Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stones, Stars, Audio Glitches, and More Stones!

First of all, WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! Timothy Gold is back!!!!!!

It's music to my eyes! XD

I also heard quite possibly the best dungeoneering bash yet:

Haha StonedJudge summed it up nicely. :P

Today I finally got around to getting the last rocks for the statue, and modeled a simply stunning outfit for week 11:

The thing I am wielding is a chinchompa. I also have on the H5 rune shield I bought from a fellow Canter (ugh I forgot who!) to add to my house. I went with a blue theme and it looks very suave. :P

I finally got the rocks and was away building the statue! I was able to finally clean my herb pile and get the first herb rock, and set off to get the con rocks. The first one was fast but the next one took forever so StonedJudge came over and we boxed each other in my ring until it showed up. :P It was just in time to prepare for the M&M star heading my way so I soloed it.

I went to Rott first, waited until it was long past, then went to Canifis where it still wasn't! Oh man, it was where I usually take on MLH. I slowly made my way there from the new fairy ring, passing an agile brother on the way, and showing up to the deserted star. It was a biggie s6 too! I clicked on it and wooooot, I got finders! That thing had been down at least 3 minutes. :o I called Twi and Canting for help and the agile brother that I passed soon made his way to the star too. The 3 of us in agile capes first on the scene was pretty epic and I took pics:

Twi (Gym Bag Boy) is on the right, I'm in the middle, and Tayl0rSwift6 is the agile brother on the left. Also present were a couple other people including StonedJudge and Vandyballer. It was a very nice star! :D

Afterwards I set off to get the smiffin/crafting rocks. Earlier the GE had stopped working so all my sellings of herbs were loading. Suddenly my friends list died but it wasn't a big deal. However, as I would run to and from Y Ffwrnais, I kept hearing something a little... odd. I thought I heard the sound that the star sprite makes when it pops from the star! I turned down the music and sure enough, clear as day, when I stood in a certain spot, there was the sprite sound!

It would fade away when I stepped any couple squares from this spot. After listening to it for a while (and showing Tanya, who didn't hear it) I decided it was time to submit a bug report. As I logged in, it said my session had expired and to relog in. As I did I heard the main theme music and realized that I had disconnected from the game. I finished the bug report and then tried to log back in. I couldn't. It said my session hadn't timed out. Huh?? That sounds like a server down to me. I logged into Faerie Tana just to be sure and it worked fine, so a few minutes later I tried to log back in and it worked fine. Then Peekyface told me that he heard 84 had gone down. Aha, it made perfect sense. Everything is fine now. It's funny... I've been playing long enough to know what a server crash is like.

I ended the night with the con, craft, and smiffin stones and began work on the wc stones at the familiar ivy that I usually get it at:

I got one but couldn't get the other before I logged for the night. Tomorrow I will begin the day by running with W46ATAT and will get my agile stones AND!!!! and and and!!!!! And I will gain enough xp to push agility above Defence as my highest skill with the most xp!! I'm so excited! My highest skill will be agility! Oh how I love it so! OK I am really tired because Agility is making me so excited right now. :P Gnight everyone!

Until next time...

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