Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today was funnnn!!! I did an evil tree with Levi, Armma, Kayla, and Karl but Karl ran off so here is a picture of the rest of us hanging out over the dead yew. I even got a toof half!!!

After that I wanted to show my mom the barb course and how much more epic it is set to my favorite song. Well, it got addicting so I stayed there and got the stones. Finally, after like 20 laps I was looking at who was around and there was someone named silentc0re running and I thought COULD IT BE??!?! and then I noticed the Rhoonkreftin cape and realized that it was!!!!!! I met Icey Dan1!!!!!

I immediately screamed "OMG It's Silentc0re!!!!" to which he laughed. Phew, it is the right person! :P Vandy ran over, along with Tripp-er, and we glomped him and got pics. :P

l-r silentc0re, Tripp-er, Vandyballer, and me

He was nice enough to hang out with us blogging groupies before disappearing to whoknows where. I continued to run and broke *13.8m xp* and got my 2nd stone at the same time. :D Wooohooohoooot! Not long till 14m!!!

After that it was time for Tears of Guthix! I epically approached Juna...

...and she gave me these words of Guthix. Ponder them.

Then I went in and finally had a much better tear run than I have the last few times. :D

That was enough to get me just one level shy of the 40 I wanted but still plenty good :D

I can fight a new boss now! Oh boy! I might actually give dunj a try eventually....

I then set off to get some stones since I was able to make the statue. :D Having gotten 1 herblore, both farming, and the agile, I set off for the 2nd herby rock, since I was like 9k from a level. On the way to Varrock I got a hilarious message from Peeky:

LOL! Peeky always makes me laugh! :D I got the 2nd stone and turned them in with just 600 xp to spare so I got snapes for all my ranarrs and boom boom I got 79 Herblore!

Yayyyyy Just one level away from 80!!!! I can't wait!!!

I spent some time shopping with my mom after that and then returned to do a little this and that. I never made it to Fast Sc but I did do some farm runs, craft a little dhide and gold (getting 1 smiffin and both craft stones yayyy!), sell ammies to Vandy, go to Lunar, plank make with a magic pot, and then go around Edgy and the GE stat spying people. :P

I also managed to make a video of me officially going for 99 Crafting. That's meeee at Fast Sc!!

Well I'm off to bed now. Kayla is getting 99 Cooking tomorrow morning!!!!! Less than a week ago she was what 83 and now she is gonna be 99!! I may have to bust out my cooking cape for the occasion... :P I wonder if I can get purple stuff before then... :P

Until next time...

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  1. Anonymous06 June, 2010

    Epic music is epic. :D
    Good luck getting to 99 Crafting!! <33333