Saturday, June 12, 2010

Graphjam Fun

Today I spent a majority of the day afk and therefore doing afk tasks, especially fishing, because of this:

Yay 84 Fishing! I seriously have no clue how I raise this skill because I hate it. It's soooo slow! However, I still fish for money when I want to be a little afk. While I was away (and I had no influence in this) a silly argument started over botters thanks to a noob's overkill statement of "90% of all hunter capes are botted." This led to an ibis being accused of being a bot (XD!!) and other silly things.

After that I did an evil mage tree and, as I got 29 seednests from my kingdom including a mage, sp seed, yew, and papayaya, I went to the mages in the gnome stronghold and went to chop down my own mage tree before using the lep magic on the legit mage tree. Well, I dunno if it was a glitch or what but I was able to use lep magic on my own tree and furthermore it didn't fall down until the lep magic wore off! I'm not sure if they changed this so next time I'll research and report if it really is a glitch. It finally fell down and I got a fresh mage in there.

I got beehived while I was there and took advantage of that xp lamp...

...and got me 40 dungeoneering! Yay!

I spent the rest of the day farming, doing the werewolf agil course for the first time,

My cat actually jumped at the first howl!! XD!!!

...getting the cook rocks, and finally catching imps in boxes. One hunt rock, one to go. :D
Today I decided to make some silly Runescape graphs using the website Graphjam. Keep in mind that these are purely for lolz and are not necessarily an accurate portrayal... Keyword necessarily... :P

Anyone who has ever played Fast SC knows that it can be pretty stressful at times... :P


I actually get this a lot, but not as much as the graph says... :P

Meh, not the best, but you kind of get the idea... I hope... It'll probably be really dumb tomorrow.

Got any ideas on more graphs like these? Shoot me a message in the comments or make your own! I have a couple ideas but I'm not sure how to translate them to a graph. Let's get them hunter and thief rocks tomorrow! Goodnight!

Until next time...

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