Monday, June 28, 2010

Celebrating Achievements

Today I finished my wyvern task, which took FOREVER!!!, did the following Suqah task easily in one go with a moss titan, and now have 180-some blue dragons! No effigy yet but I am really close to 90 attack!

Other than that I spent the day celebrating the achievements... of others! First, a bunch of us in Canting convinced Tanyakins to do Desert Treasure as her next quest. :P She was a little nervous at first but I told her I'd go to at least 2 of the bosses with her before I had to mow the lawn. She decided to tackle the smoke diamond first so I went down to the boss room to find Levi already there! :D

She pwnt him quite easily and we jumped for joy before me and her headed off for the next boss- Dessous! I waited in the graveyard and I got my now-famous and traditional picture of her pwning him!

What she doesn't know is that I got both of these boss-pwning trips on film!! I now present "Tanyakins Pwns Desert Treasure" :D

After that and my slayer task I got a message that Dr Lepage was getting 99 agility!!! Woohoo! Of course I would be there! I got that on film too!

After that I met up with Jaxana and G and the three of us chatted for a while. It's always fun to hang out with other bloggers! Jax eventually left and I talked to G for a long time. I also snuck a pic before we left for the house party. :P

Tomorrow I need to do penguins and get 4 pairs of stones... *headdesk* I've been so busy this week questing that I haven't finished the statue. I hope it goes quickly! :P Also, Jax suggested Friday Night Nomad Pwning until we beat him. I'm totally down with that! :D

Until next time...


  1. Rings of recoil on Dessous seems pretty effective. Don't know why I didn't think of that. *adds it to the Strategy section of Dessous's RS Wiki page*

  2. Tanyakins29 June, 2010

    LOL I totally wouldn't have guessed that you actually recorded the fights. xD I lol'd when I saw the yt video... woot, I'm famous! Thanks for coming along again, and thanks for filming! That was awesome to re-watch.

    Just FYI, I started the Shadow Diamond part of the quest... try not to hurt me when I tell you I only used 11 lockpicks, lol! <3