Monday, June 14, 2010


Whoa!! I just came across my old, old, oldddddddd folder of Runescape pics! These date from roughly late 2006 to the summer of 2007. I couldn't help it- here are a bunch of pics to enjoy!!

Purple Ele top!

Green Ele Shirt which inspired me to get green ele :D

One of my worst...

I used to kill harpie bugs just for clue scrolls :P

My first Bob shirt, I later bought all of them for my house :P

An OLD pic of hiscores! I beat my dad in one skill and I was proud! I still beat him in that skill :P Haha he had 77 all round melee and 73 slayer... add about 23 to all of those to get it today!

My stats the day I made hiscores on everything! :D 23 May 2008

I found a pic of me getting 49 agility! Oh how I loved and hated that pyramid!

Once upon a time I didn't have green hair! *gasp!* And cats are FTW!

This is an Yt-MejKot. You know, the thing that now looks like a Trogdor dragon thing? It's that thing that heals itself in the fight caves. It used to look like a mage rat. This is a pic of me hitting a 15! Nowadays that would be a 150, and that was a huge deal back then, when hitting anything above a 10 was almost unheard of for me!

Possibly my first outfit with flippers :D That weird shirt I have on is Varrock Armour 1. This was my Smiffing outfit back when you had to wear the armour to get into Y Ffwrnais.

I remember this day clearly. This was the day I met Zarrurer1 (with the "bakooka" as he called it). I am still friends with Zarrurer1 to this day! The guy on the right is Turokj1, who was his friend. We met in Ardy Square. :-) Yes that's me in full red.

One of my first actual outfits, camo with the Rat Pole. The guy on the left is my dad!

One of the earliest pics of me in action!

Mudskipper hats, anyone?

I took a pic the day I started Monkey Madness. Almost immediately after this pic I chickened out and put it off for over a year. By the time I did it I was over 100 cb and was incredibly easy. :P

A "kodak moment" of me in some blue outfit fishing in Catherby.

My old rune outfit. I was too cheap for a plate or proper full helm.

An old pic, about a year apart, comparing my change in level and combat gear.

One of my many unique outfits... That blue hair didn't last long...

This is what basilisks used to look like. Here I am killing one and my dad in some barrows armour with a silly black mask on. :P

A pic of me with almost no health, in the Fight Caves

Birds eye view of my addy outfit. My boyfriend got a trimmed addy skirt from a clue and I wore that thing proudly! I even gave it back to him when he started a new account and I had outgrown it.

The whirlpool random

Graveyard random... and what's with the silly pm? LOL!

River troll random, and me actually prepared to fight it for once! It now resides in the Enchanted Valley.

Strange plant random, and my adorable purple outfit "for my inevitable cooking cape." :P

Cap'n Hand random, before you got teled to his island to solve his chest.

Me barbarian fishing and getting Evil Bobbed. :P

Ah yes, my stats on 23 December 2006, which would put the account at just 7 months old. Not bad for no GE and having to do it all on my own! Hunter had just came out and it took a while to get into it. I love the skill now! It's really nice to see how even my stats are, even here. I hated range (lol) and cooking was my highest by far, at 58. I'm surprised to see my mining that high, because I don't remember loving it or anything... :o

So there you go! A little blast from the past. :P

Until next time...

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