Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Dungeoneering!!

Well I have certainly been in the Dunj mood lately! Today I did nothing but good solo floors. Well actually, earlier I did a floor with Nez and Levi, and then a floor with Levi, then I went and played real life where I helped my dad cut down our maple tree that is too close to our house, then I soloed from floor 5 to 10, and then started a floor with Isaac but he had to leave and after I found out that our boss was planefreezer I left too. XD

While waiting for Nez this morning I got a pic of a guy named En Frajer who I thought looked hilarious. in his herb cape, mask, and d claws:

I learned how to set up hunter traps, and also learned that they're guillotines. OMG, that is soooo upsetting! Still, I got a funny pic:

Anyways, onto my solo adventures, I had a couple bosses. On one, I had an absolutely terrible time with Frostweb and died 3 or 4 times before she finally died... -.-

Luckily after that I had a better run, before then getting the plane freezer for the first time. Ugh. I hate him. My RL friend who plays RS told me about him and how you have to keep bouncing back and stuff... He was right. I finally came in with a spear and just poked it until it died. I got like... 240 xp for that dungeon... ugh. I got him like a floor or two later and did much better, in part because I had a lovely familiar to help:

Later I had an actual dragon to defeat to open up a room, and with its pink mouth it reminded me of a cat and was sooo cute that I had to get a pic:

I had that bloodchiller thing which was easy. I gatestoned out once because I ran out of airs, like I then proceeded to do like 5 times after that on other floors... -.- He made for great conversation though lol:


A whole day of dunjing had gotten me the 3k xp I needed for level 41:

Yay! I'm getting the hang of this. Before long I think the floors might actually be caught up to my level. XD

Well gnight great peeps! Tomorrow is Fathers Day so I'll be sure to spam my dad. LOL!

Until next time...

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