Friday, November 29, 2013

So, a Year Later....

Hi guys. It's been a whole year since I've updated this blog! I know I left everyone hanging with my glitch videos and I might get around to posting them. I still have them. :P

So let's see what has happened since December 2012....

In January I retired from Runescape. I HATED the EOC update and while I'm sure it runs a whole lot better than it did, I hated it so much that it turned me off from doing any fighting. That meant I was stuck skilling, mostly farming, and I got bored very quickly. I did get 99 farming right before I quit, so I have 10 99's now, yay. Also, indirectly because of EOC, ALL of my ways of making money became obsolete so I had no way to make cash like I was used to. That made it really hard to do any of the money-intensive training I wanted to do, like smithing.

Also I was having some clan issues and just wasn't happy with any chats as they seemed to get overrun with people I found annoying rather quickly. The social aspect was the last remaining reason why I played and with that gone I finally left. Also a lot of my great friends that I would PM all the time quit or changed their settings so I couldn't reach them. Only a few remained when I left.

I've been using those Target membership cards and just let it run out and never looked back. I may play again at some point but right now it'll be a while. I don't even know how many of my friends still play and it's a whole different world now.

Moving onto some real life events this year...
In late January, I had to say goodbye to Eenie. It was heartbreaking but I feel no guilt. I had her half my life and she definitely lived a long and happy life with me. She died in my arms and was buried under the same tree where we first met each other when I was 12. Those who know me well know how much I loved my cat and all the silly videos I made with her.

I still think of her daily.

That same day I got promoted to fulltime at work, helping time to fly by. I worked from 1 - 9:30 five days a week from February to November and that got us to break out of apartment living and buy our first house! It's a house I know well, as we bought it from my parents and they were the ones who moved. It's cool now owning and living in the house I grew up in. Plus, my parents only moved across town so they're still here.

In April I found out I was again expecting and felt for a long time that I literally traded my cat for a baby. I sit here, 3 days past my due date, tummy HUGE, waiting for our baby girl to arrive. And yes, we're totally legit for reals naming her Molly. It really is my favorite name. :D

So yeah, I've been wanting to update this blog a few times but never felt like it, so I figured the year mark would be the perfect time. I am going to keep this blog up as a memory of a time when I had a lot of fun with an online game and instead of it becoming a stale blog I am thinking of turning it into a crafting blog where I can post craft projects I've done in one dedicated place. I can call it "putting 99 crafting to good use" or something like that. I do love me a good crafting project. :P

As for my dad, he has also quit RS and has decided to become a music major at the college I went to so he's busy with that. He's doing the major I started with, composition, and hopefully the program will be much better for him than it was for me. It's funny to see him freaking out over chord progressions and stuff I did as an 18-year-old. Hahaha.

So yes I am still here but, at least for the time being, will not be blogging about Runescape any longer. I had a lot of fun and many wonderful times, many which are immortalized in screenies and blog posts. I've seen and experienced a lot in the 6 years I played and will always have a special place in my heart for the music. And the flippers. XD

Happy Holidays everyone and until next time...