Saturday, July 31, 2010

Canting Summer Festival!!

Woo most of today and yesterday was the first ever Canting Summer Festival!! I was very excited because I was able to actually go! I was very glad that our impromptu trip to Canada ended just in time. Literally, I got home at like 4:30 and was on by 5 to start things off!

I was late for Fred's event so I stayed low and pretty much just enjoyed everyone else trying to find him. I knew where he was on the first clue but I was so laggy I could hardly move before freezing for at least 10 seconds so I didn't get to him. :-( However in the meantime I checked my kingdom and had 70 seednests!! I also went to the GE and bought myself a little present... ;)

I'm not wearing flippers! :o It's because I was intending to go into the wildy to find Fred but chickened out. XD See what I got?? I named it The Voyager. :P Here it is on its maiden voyage pwning a man.

I had an event planned which ended up being at 8pm for me. I was going to change it but the open slots were all at like 4 in the morning so I kept it. Good thing too because it was a lot of fun! Of course it was an agility event, no surprise there! I chose Brim and told people to wear their flippers. Only a couple of us did but we still had a blast! :P

A nice shot of mostly everyone that went. We raced to the flashing pillars and had a great time. I love doing brim with friends! And yes- I had my 3 essential items. :P

Me and Vaskor! :D

My favorite pirate :D

The event right before mine fell through and with my crazy luck I managed to find a star about to fall! So, the event turned first into an impromptu mini pvp trip by most of the Canting gang followed by a large Kelda star! It was sweet!

After my event we had some time so Zachy set up a large dunjun. It was my first large and man... it was big! We all worked together and stayed pretty close and I was the only one who didn't die at the boss! However I died shortly after trying to clear one of those stupid mining rooms... XD The xp was great though and I got 58 Dunj!!

I then went to bed and after some morning shopping with my mom I was ready for more festival action! I was on Skype for almost the entire time and had loads of fun chatting with Zachy, Waste God, Karl, and Tanya. Merchy even got on for a bit too and she is a lovely singer! :D I entered just in time for a skiller SC event which was nice. I got a needle and got my craftycraft xp wayyy down. So close to 96! Then there was a freeplay marathon so I hopped on Faerie Tana and came in 7th place. It was fun getting random items from the 5 stations and taking them back full circle to Merchy. :P After it was a mole event! There were tons of us so I only got an addy long and like 650 iron arrows but it was fun!

Here we are waiting for it to respawn. Notice my awesome outfit- Seers 3 matches SS hilt! :D I had to be different and take a titan. :P As Fred said, I have to have the green follower. I didn't even plan it that way! XD

After that was Merchy's house party! I spent most of the time sitting in the throne but I did a little monster-pwning in the dunjun with my new SS. Almost all my pics are of the hilarious rear-facing seats glitch. It makes it harder when the people glitching don't see it for themselves. They think I'm just seeing things. :P

Most of us hanging out in Merchy's throne room...

I walked into the house to find every person sitting was facing the wall! XD

Karl facing the wall and me facing normally. :P

LOL Merchy facing the wall! This pic looks like the one when I first met her. :D

Gonzyy totally didn't believe me when I told him he was facing the wall so here it is for proof! XD

As the festival came to a close we ended up in Fist of Guthix and then for the last event ended up in Karamja. I was bewildered why I still paid 30gp to go when I had on my Karamja gloves. It took me a few HOURS to realize it was because we were on nonmems! Oops. :P It was very fun and I had a great time! I can't wait for winter again and hopefully will have some sort of event planned for it! :D

After the festival I took a break before returning to do some dunjuns with Peeky. I did Tears first which for me down to a little more than 7k till 59. Then I assisted some craft and did 2 floors with Peeky. We were joking and being silly as usual:

He made a P for Pie! :D We had Stomp and he was actually quite easy this run! :D

We started our 2nd dunjun and OMG a spider dropped me a Shadow Silk Hood!!! I made the tough decision to unbind my primal skirt and bind the peekyhood instead, so I had to get at least one pic of my hawt Tomato Pants. ;D

They made my butt look big anyway!

We had the riftsplitter and he dropped me a promethium rapier! I unbound my gorg 2h for it and me and Peeky were twinners. :P Wow, 2 new items bound from that dunjun!

Oh yeah and I got 59 Dunj from the first one! I can't wait till 60 and beyond!!! :D

Gasp! July is like totally over! Here are my hiscores before I forget:

So hawt! Look at my agility rank! :D And my dunj is so close to 60! Woop woop!

OK before I totally fall asleep at my desk, here are the videos you have been waiting for! This is me riding the 2 most intense rides at Galaxyland when I was away on holiday. ;D

There ya go!! ;D Goodnight all!

Until next time...

Friday, July 30, 2010

Trip Day Eight

Wooooot! After another longgg drive I am back HOME!!! :D

That means that I can tell you where I went!

If you said I went to Montana, you're right!

If you thought the pics of me were at Glacier National Park, you're right!

If you thought I was just in Montana you're wrong!

If you thought I went international and crossed the border, you're right!!

I went to...


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!!!

We drove to Missoula for the first night, then hopped the border to Calgary the 2nd night, then drove up to Edmonton where we spent the majority of our time at the "8th wonder of the world"- West Edmonton Mall. It holds like... 7 world records and I have wanted to go since I first read about it. Now I can say I have!! And of course I rode on all the rollercoasters. ;D

I spent an evening with my cousins and aunt/uncle before me and my dad made the same drive in reverse. Now I'm back! Wooot! :D

I will resume my normal blogging now. :D

Until next time...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trip Day Seven

Today was really boring... Driving and then more driving! The highlights were stopping at Subway and Dairy Queen for some noms... Did some dunjing on Faerie Tana and Pie at the hotel... Got a primal pl8skirt for Pie... :D Time to go to bed... Last leg of the journey home tomorry! Hopefully I'll be home in time for the start of the CA Summer Festival! If not I'll have to reschedule my event for later *freaks*... Hello 8 hour drive coming up in like 10 hours... Yawn...

Tomorry I can tell everyone where I went and stuff! :D

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trip Day Six

Today started with a semi early breakfast before heading one last time to the mall to get my much-sought-after souvenir sweatshirt. I can't leave such an iconic place without a sweatshirt! I found a shirt and sweatshirt and I was happy. :P

We then began our trip home. What we referred to as the most boring drive ever was happening once again, this time the opposite way. I'm used to mountains as scenery- not flat plains of fields! We stopped at a deli shop along the way for lunch before making it to our hotel back in the city we were in 3 days ago. We had a yummy dinner at Chilis and I was able to play Runescape a little bit with the nice internet here. :P We got upgraded to a VIP suite because I guess they accidentally booked us in a room with only 1 bed. Ahh the internet has 5 bars here! So nice... Did a lot of dunjuns on Faerie Tana and a few farm runs + effigy assisting + crafting on Pie...

Tomorrow we do the longest drive of the journey which is good I guess since my legs are still sore and killing me! Now my abs are pulled and hurt... I am just all beat up lol... I'd better get to bed... RS just d/c'd and booted me... :P

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trip Day Five

Today me and my dad drove (instead of walked- my poor aching legs!) back to the mall and spent the day at the indoor water park! Haha how spoilt are we, we get an indoor water park! :D It was kind of like the YMCA back home but like 4 times as big, twice as tall, and with like 20 slides instead of 1 and a giant wave pool instead of the lap pool. It was spendy but worth it! I had a blast!

My favorite ride was this steep slide but instead of sliding down you get in this solid plastic toboggan and ride that down. Then when you hit the water you glide on the surface in said toboggan. It was great! They also had one of them toilet bowl rides that I went down way too fast and smacked my head against the side thanks to the G-forces. Ouch! Oh and I fell out the bottom right on my back into the water 5 feet below. Oh well, in typical me fashion I went on it again! I also treated myself to the prolly 70 or 80 foot tall XTREME slide that goes basically straight down. Not the funnest but it was uber fast and I got a big wedgie and water up my nose so fast that it shot back out my mouth without even any pain! Oh the joys of intense slides! Haha!

We also spent a lot of time in the wave pool just hanging out and in the hot tubs. It was so fun and man were we tired when we left! At least my feet feel better now... After that we went back to the hotel and met up with my cousin again plus my aunt, uncle, and another cousin for pizza! We had fun chatting and then it was time to go back to the hotel. Our trip is almost over already! Wowie that went fast!

I was able to play a little runescape today and do a farm run and talk to people in Canting. However the internet is really bad and keeps losing cnxn so I was just hoping I could actually finish my farm run! I did and then thought it best to leave. I have also been doing some dunjuns on Faerie Tana and watching her levels explode. I got 30 attack ftw!!

Ugh the internet is being all picky again so I can't share the pic I took today of a cool guy in a cool outfit. :-( This is my last night in this hotel before we begin the trip home so hopefully I'll have better internet there! Byes for nao!!

Until next time...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Trip Day Four

Today was spent at... the amusement park! I found out that I could get an all-day wristband (the rides are individually ticketed- no entrance fee) which was the cost of 4 of the big rollercoasters so I of course got my money's worth within the first hour. In typical fashion my first ride was the biggest and most intense ride- the rollercoaster in yesterday's teaser. Man it sure was intense! Having done nothing but play RS for the past 3 months I am not used to being moved around and I actually blacked out during the first two loops every time I rode it because the G forces were so strong they pushed all the blood out of my head! That's a first! Don't worry, I didn't have a stroke or die or anything... I just have a headache since I rode on it about 8 times!

We walked there and back... So much walking... My hips are killing me and my feet were sooo swollen by the time we got back to the hotel! I'm gonna feel it tomorrow... I haven't moved from the couch in 3 months so walking about 4 miles was KILLER! Especially because the only pair of shoes I packed have no arch support and therefore re not good walking shoes... Shoulda brought my favorite skate shoes... Oh well! :P

All the rides there were really fun! There are 3 big rollercoasters that I pretty much cycled through, plus one of them tower rides that shoots you like 120 feet into the air. I have a funny video to show you when we get back of that tower... I can't plug that camera's card into my compy so it will have to wait. You'll love it. XD I also went on one of those rides like Astro Blasters where you have a laser gun and you shoot stuff with the lit targets. It was just me on the ride which was a little weird but I really enjoyed it a ton! It was like I had the whole thing to myself. Everything had such great sound effects. XD I definitely have ideas for Rollercoaster Tycoon!

The best part was one of the ride operators looked like Lesko Diamond. And, later when we were mini golfing, one of the boys in front of us looked like him too! Everyone knows I am always on the lookout for lookalikes. :P

After my body was too broken to continue to enjoy the intenso-rides, we hiked back to the hotel and then met up with my cousin! He lives here in this undisclosed city with his fiance while they attend skool and it was way fun to see him! His fiance is currently in a lot of pain from a tooth infection so she felt bad not being able to talk much but I did enjoy talking with both of them until late in the e'en. :D

Well I suppose I should go to bed now since it's like... midnight... I get to see my aunt, uncle, and another cousin tomorrow as we all intercept here. Woohoo!

Until next time...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trip Day Three

Ugh... Let's call this the Day-of-Dad-Cussing-at-the-Outdated-GPS. That pretty much sums it up. :P Sylvia (the name of our beloved car) had every road wrong in her dvd gps so she thought the exit and stuff were like 20 feet ahead of where they were so she kept rerouting us before we were even originally through. Oh, and when we arrived in our city she had nothing but blank field for half of the suburban area. -.-

We broke down and bought a paper map which was at least accurate and after the most boring drive ever of nothing but farm country and fields we arrived in our final city!! We had lots of time to kill so we went to the city's biggest attraction- the mall. :P There's a friggin amusement park in this mall! I knew this already, for I was (and still am) quite the rollercoaster nerd back in the day. I didn't go on any today, but I definitely spent HOURS just staring at everything in awe. It was a total nerdgasm. Sorry if that's a pet peeve to say things like that but I have no other way to describe it. XD

And because I am such a tease here is a little teaser of what I will be riding tomorrow, ALL DAY:

The bad quality is kind of on purpose too. :P

I am also planning to meet up with my cousin and his fiance. It should be a fun day all around! :D

Until next time...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trip Day Two

After another longgggggg 9-hour day of driving me and my daddy have arrived at hotel #2! We traveled there through one of the most beautiful, scenic national parks I've ever seen. It reminded me a lot of Grindelwald (Switzerland) with the giant peaks and the green, grassy areas near the roads. Only difference was the switchbacks. In Europe they are literally hairpin tight but in America they are much less tight and tend to be more contour-following than sharp turns up the mountains.

After we passed all the mountains it was just a few more hours of rolling hills, open meadows and ranches, and then finally the big city! We got to the hotel and then set off with a 5-year-old map in the car's gps system, google maps on my dad's phone, and a vary basic knowledge of where to go from the hotel magazine. We eventually stumbled upon the restaurant we were looking for and had very yummy Ramen for dinner. We stopped at a store after that and got some mini ice cream dots which were not so good but still pretty yummy. :P We're now back in the hotel getting ready for an early start tomorrow for our final destination! Woohoo I can't wait!!

Here are some teaser pictures from our drive today that I took:

The calmest lake I've ever seen!

Lake + Forest = Perfect!

So pretty!

Another Forest shot...

Bonus picture of me :P

I hope that tides you over. :P There should be tons to talk about tomorrow so stay tuned! :D

Until next time...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Trip Day One

Wellll after an 8-hour car ride through endless winding mountain roads, beautiful pine trees everywhere and the beautiful clear river, we are safely at hotel #1! Our hotel is ok- it will get the job done. Early night tonight because tomorrow is another full day of driving. Joy joy!

I am much enjoying a break from rs. Teehee!! I've been playing every single day for OVER A YEAR so it's great to be occupied with other things. I'll be back soon- no worries there! At the mo, I am getting ready to sleeeeep!

Here's a slight hint:

I spotted many cows, lots of horses, a moose, some deer, a fox, and lots of hawks circling the sky as we made our way to Hotel 1. :P

Until next time...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm Going on Holiday!!

I'm so excited! Me and my dad will be gone for a week and will travel to a far-away location (I'll tell you where we went, but only after I get back! Haha you'll have to wait!). I'll give you some hints though:

  • It will take several days to drive there and therefore several days to drive back.
  • I will be back in time for the Canting Summer Festival. I wouldn't have gone if I wasn't. :P
  • Shopping will be involved. ;)
  • We will be meeting up with some relatives which I am excited for!
  • A trip to a very large zoo is slated to happen. :D
  • A trip to an amusement park is definitely on the menu!
  • It will be slightly colder there than here in my home town... At least it's supposed to be anyway...
  • I will be visiting my cousin to discuss my role in a big research project that he and his fiance have been working on. :)
  • Internet is available at all of our hotels so I should be able to update as we get there and back.
  • I will have a much needed break from Runescape. Everybody breathe in and say ahhhhhh!
Have fun with those hints. I leave tomorrow morning first thing! This will be fun!

Anyways last night I stayed up too late so I didn't get around to posting. Here's photos from the past 2 days:

I got to work unlocking all the hidden dunjuns that I could. I was pleased to find all the rune rock available when I went in! I got 2/3 which ain't bad at all. :D

Unlocking all of them got me 56 dunj! I really can't wait until 85 for frost dragons. They sound like uber fun! I will for sure be unlocking all the dunjuns higher than 55 as I level. :D

Late at night I decided to finish off my prestige by doing the floors I needed with Peeky. He bound some hood that I can't remember the name of but it's the magic hood that makes you visible only to mages. His peekyface was peeking from it, in typical style, and so I got a picture. :P

He asked me to take a pic of him lighting a fire door so here it is. :P

I got the same laughable award that somi did earlier which made me LOL. My name is covered by the hilarious description. :P

I was falling asleep big time but managed to get 57 dunj! I just need to train my way to 70 and then eventually 80. It won't be so bad, especially because I got lots of friends that I would duo with.

Onto today... I was planning on dunjuneering all day but the friends list AND the clan chat went down, ALL DAY! There was a brief time it was fixed but I left to get stuff for the trip and it was broken again when I came back. Therefore I had no way of locating Peeky and our plans were thrown. :-(

It sort of came back, but was really glitched. When I tried to message people it had half their name missing and said I wasn't friends with them. Turns out under this massive list of glitched names was the unglitched and working friends list, so at least I was able to PM some people...

I decided to go hunting and try for the stones. I FINALLY got them both- one at grenwall and one at regular chins. There was a guy chopping yews at Eagles Peak named SteamMagicks who told me one spawned in a certain place and to put my trap there. It helped a lot and I finally had that rock.

I was able to complete another week of the statue and get 2 pieces onto the statue in my house. I'm falling behind on the statue due to grinding but I'll pick it back up when school starts I'm sure. I think that was week 14? I then cleaned my massive piles of herbs which got me both herb rocks. I sold the ones I only have for money and made pots out of the rest. That combined with the grenwall spikes and whatnot has boosted my cash to 17m. No clue what to do with it yet but I'm pretty sure it will go on crafting. Like I say, money is money and will always be gained back! I'm about 70k or so from 80 herby now which is great!!

I had an epic fail patch sometime today too which I was not pleased about...

Other than that I've been busy smiffin my hundreds of addy and mith ores and got both smiffin rocks. I then used 2 sc needles and got one of the craft rocks and I'm now less than 400k from 96! I have a large black dragon task so I'm going to do that and save my 2nd needle for it before I sell my green bodies. Effigies rock!

Well I'm off now but will keep you all posted on my travel status. I dunno when next time will be but...

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Editing Streak is Showing Its Face!

Today I didn't do much past finish off my firegiant task and my newest task of living rocks. I swear, I get them every other task! Three times in the past 7-ish tasks?? I even told her not to gave me living rocks and she did. Cheeky. -.-

No matter how annoyed I was (mainly because it wasn't dusties :P) I still love the task because of the mondo slayer and combat xp for relatively little effort.

My dad was on his lappy about 10 feet away doing his desert stryke task and got an effigy. Did I mention it's sooo great for my family to be home?? The house is full of life again! We (minus mommy) floated the river again today which pwnt as always. :D Anyways my dad got an effigy and was able to nom a garden pie to do the first step. Anyone else think the effigy looks like a furby??

Hmm... Actually in the pic above at BH bank it looks more like a penguin.. XD The next step was 93 summoning which he has! However since he had out a pretty pony and his summon points were down it wouldn't let him do it! So, we games-necklaced to Barby outpost which was the most convenient mini obelisk that came to our minds.

It's even harder to see from this angle but I still think it looks like a furby. :P And, this guy named "omgitzstef" managed to ninja his way into our pic. :P Hmm... apparently my dad got his ranger boots back... and looks like he's wearing a dress... XD

Next he had 95 con so we looked all over trying to find someone. I asked some friends in PM but nobody had any right off. So, we went to w117 where he had no luck because there were literally like 10 people who needed 95 con too. I decided that as long as I was there I might as well be helpful so I assisted someone with 97 craftycraft and my dad took my crafty pot and other garden pie and helped a 91 farm and 91 craft, so at least we did our small part in the rush for those dragonkin lamps! We then tried Assist Clan but had no luck so I told him to wait. Patience Daddy! Don't give up and get a 5k xp lamp off the museum! :P

I then remembered that I had a yew, mage, and papayaya tree all waiting to be tagged which gave me the 1-up on my dad and got me 89 farmyfarm!!!

Woop woop farming is about to become my next skill in the 90's! Only 10 levels away from that green cape I've been eying forever! :D

Since I had a bunch of time I decided to go with TaintedOne12, a new Canter, to get his flippers! It took 10 mogres and a slight worry over him losing a lot of hp but just when I was about to tell him to get melee armour he said "no" and pop! There were flippers on his feet!! XD

Soooo stylin!! This brings the total number of people I've inspired to get flippers to around 20. I love flippers! Huge gratzzzz TaintedOne12 and welcome to the Flipper Guild! :D

OK now on to the title of the post. I found the channel of LightningWolf3, who has loads of videos of him glitching various Nintendo games with Game Genie and what not, which I find incredibly funny. Upon further inspection of his videos I came across several that are edited so that sound clips of the game go with another song. I found a few that I really love but, ladies and gentlemen, I wanna learn how to do THIS!!!

His channel is loaded with several more of videos like this in addition to the glitchy fun. This is another of my favorites, which is in the same style as this Runescape Machinima entry that has been passed around on several blogs:

And of course I am talking about The Sound of Skilling:

OK peeps, who wants to encourage me to save up for Sony Vegas?? I want to make stuff like this! I wanna make another vid like Some Quick Randomness! Ahhh my creative editing streak is striking again! I need to go survey songs and script something up! Ahhh the miracle of editing! :D

Well I'd better go to bed. I wonder what's in store tomorrow... :D

Until next time...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Halfway There!

Today was more slayer! I got loads of dags after my torts so I set off to pwn them with my beloved Balmung. When I was down there I saw someone with a clever name:

His name was "1down24togo" and he had an untrimmed wc cape. Way to think ahead! :D Also when I was down there Waste God said something awesome about the staff of light:

Finally, after I had to make an emergency trip to the bank for some food because I was getting pwnt, I came back and got 92 Attack!!!

Woop woop!! I'm halfway there! I can't wait till I get my Ajjat cape!!! And, shhhh, but Kayla got 99 Ajjat on accident so gratzy!! You has double my expeez! :D

I now have fire giants so I took advantage of that new dungeon, getting me some dunj xp, and venturing into the new fire giant overflow area. It's huge!! Plus there were only at most 2 other people there so it was an awesome place to just quietly slay. There's got to be like 20 more down there and it's bigger than the whole waterfall area. I love it!

I'm going rafting again tomorrow and when I get back I'm going to try and unlock all the hidden dunjuns that I can, which should level me. Plus I can do tears which may also level me! Woop woop! Good night all!

Until next time...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day to Slay

Well today was spent doing pretty much nothing but slayer. :D I went to finish off my mith dragon task and a little ways in I became frustrated with ranging so I got out my leaf bladed sword and tried my hand at meleeing them. It ended up working loads better for me and I was able to kill like twice as many per trip! :D

While down there the 3 miths in the back were having a parade which I couldn't resist getting a picture of:

I had to bank with 2 left which meant that I got to kill 2 more for luck when my task was over. Yay! I then went to Kuradal and got lrc, AGAIN! It's a good thing I like that task because I get it all the time! Cmon Kuradal I want dusties!

While I was down there getting bored I went afk and then heard fireworks. Nowai!! Did I just level hitpoints?? Last I looked I was like 35k till my level!

Woot! I also got 125 combat! :D

After that I got 190+ warp torts!!! Woot! I also just had these the other day or so and was more than happy to get back at it! I did the task nonstop and on one of the last times I went, there was a person named 2te about 2 squares ahead of me running there as well. I silently hoped that we'd share and thankfully in our unspoken etiquette we did share and went on for quite a long time.

Suddenly I looked up from being afk watching vids to find he accidentally took my tort. I rested patiently until he finished and suddenly he broke the silence apologizing for taking the wrong one. I didn't mind and with the silence broken we began chatting. I finished my task so I sat while he finished. We chatted about many things and I ended up staying up like 2 hours past when I was going to go to bed talking with him. It was really fun! :P

He was low on hp and food and was attacking them sparingly until he finished. We both rested for a bit while he restored up his hp.

Then, literally right after this pic was taken he got up to slay one and accidentally died. :o I blessed his grave of course and waited patiently for him to return so we could resume talking. :P He came back with full hp (the blessing of dying) and thankfully kept his torso and rune defender. However he lost Enex and his chimes but had like 2 left so I just used my chimes on them and he killed them. I love when I can be helpful! :D He finished and we both sat down and hung out for another hour talking. Finally someone else showed up who realized we weren't killing them and started killing them. His name was BlackKnightt and he also chatted with us which was fun.

I had told them about my blog by this point and he joked that I could write down that he just got a rune pick. :P I took a screenie of us and realized that he was wielding it! XD

I finally got too tired to stay up so I left. Like I said in the last post, I knew it would happen and every muscle in my body is soooreeee!!! The worst is my neck, entire back, and hips/knees. Owwwwie! Oh well floating the river was sooo worth it!

Good night all! I can't wait until tomorrow! :D

Until next time...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Real Life Adventure

Well today started off with some real life fun for once! I drove down to one of my city's many parks, stopping on the way for some lunch and snacks, and eventually met up with my friends. We then loaded all our rafts and gear into 2 vehicles and made our way up to the start point to float the river! It was me and 6 friends from college + 1 of their brothers, + 1 of their husbands. We managed to squeeze into 3 rafts and I even found a tiny frog in the grassy parking lot! I thought it was a grasshopper but no it was even cuter! It blew its cover by jumping. :P

Sooo we eventually got into the water and began our merry float downstream. I was in a raft with my good friend and his brother which was a lot of fun. We were way ahead of everyone else and his brother was very adamant about us keeping the boat forward/in the center/always paddling but he's a lot like my sister so I just smiled and did what he asked. :P

We stopped a couple times to jump off the side/trees into the icy cold water which felt very refreshing on a hot day! I even did a flip off a tall concrete thing! Haha adventurous I know! XD We eventually ended up at the end of the river and got out, everything put away, and then I drove my friends back to their car. It was a really fun day and I'm gonna be soooooore tomorrow!!

I returned to RS after that, due to a cancelled evening outing and did a farm run and went fishing. I also chased a nice size 7 vulture mine star that Fred went to. I then gave him my tips on beating nomad and he went off and..... *drumroll*

FRED LAY BEAT NOMAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even better, this is his first (and best haha) cape, the Quest Cape!!!!!!!!! He joins me and my dad in the "First-Cape-As-Quest-Cape" Club!!!!!! I got a pic of him in his brand new quest cape:

Woooooooooooooooooooot!!!!! Gratzzzyyyyy!!! I may have the motivation to try, try again!!

After I finished cooking I went to go do the task that I cooked all those sharks for. Kuradal decided to be oh so kind and assign me my very first task of mithril dragons! I guess she was feeling very generous because no 5 couldn't be enough... No, no... She had to assign me 14!!!!! This will take a few trips... I've done 3 so far and eat like 6 sharks per... Ugh... At least my screamo bolts are working and getting me some nice big hits!

I then realized that I was tired so I stopped for the night. Before I go I leave with you these pictures. The first is of this Agile Brother that I see a lot when I farm and he has such an epic name!

With a name like Mr Porkchopz, you're going to be well-known! XD

Next here is a picture of me from the other day when I decided to play Kirby's Adventure for the first time. I was tickled pink that the boss is making the ":o" face that Canting has grown to know and love.

Haha actually Kirby is making the ":o" face too! Hahaha!!

Well gnight all! I am a little sunburned so maybe I'll actually get a tan! ;D

And Kayla early gratz on 99 Attack if you get it while I am snoring! :P

Until next time...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

In A Haze

Today I was a little sick all day and felt like I was in a haze... I did dunjuneering but failed/quit a bunch of dungeons and they all ran together so I thought I had stuff I didn't etc...

However, something awesome happened and it was worth it!!!! I finally got 10k tokens, and RS decided to time me out in the middle of a floor which I was cool with because I was sucking hardcore at life and then I got drill demon'd right when I went to the reward trader and couldn't tell the chat my displeasure of the turn of events because Damien dominates my chatbox and urrrrgghhhhh!!!!! Ok, rant over. Anyways, I had 10k tokens and once I was back I was finally able to get the Scroll of Life!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooot!! Even better, I misread it the first time and it ended up being better! I was under the impression that it was a 10% chance of getting seeds back from dead patches but really it's a 10% chance of getting the seed back from ANY PATCH, LIVING OR DEAD!!!!

After realizing this I was so excited! I happily went on my farm run and was picking all those high level herbs that I got off that farmer etc. I went to Trollheim first and picked my lovely torstol, the rarest and most prized of herbs. I finished and planted my kwuarm and then noticed an extra seed in my inventory. I looked at it and couldn't believe my eyes. I just got back my torstol seed. WHoaaaaaaaaaaaa holy crap!!!! I got a torstol seed back!!!!!!!!!! Wooooot! Too bad I didn't notice till I planted the other seed but I went back an hour later and planted it. :P Woot woot!!! So far I've gotten back a torstol, strawberry, and potato seeds. Even better, you get 3 seeds back from allotments! It's so amazingly awesome!!! Scroll of Life was soooooo worth it for a farmer like myself!!!!!!!

After that dunj just got worse and worse. I died on the first room from some skeleton so I quit ad statred over and got the Monolith from Hell where I got piled by like 6 shades at a time and died............ and I was getting really pissed from frustration plus with my haze it was almost like what in the world is going on..... Man I need to go to bed I feel like I'm not making sense...

On the last dungeon of the night I got glutt and I couldn't beat him and died. Then I went back and he healed up so I died again because I ran out of food. Rather than try to gather more food I just logged out. lol. Today has been like that...

Oh I did get 55 dunj!

Woot new floor!

A highlight of today was doin some floors with Tanya which was pretty fun too. :P

OK I really need to go to bed. I really hope I feel better tomorrow and don't have food poisoning or something.... Gnight..

Until next time...