Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

Today was fun! Lots of exciting things happening...

First, I did my Desert Wyrm task. Nothing too exciting as a drop but it sure did max out my bank! Ugh... After the task I spent about an hour cleaning up in there and selling all the things that I meant to sell from earlier tasks. While on it I caught this funny in Canting:

I love awkward wrong chats. Even better when they're really ornamental!

After that I went on a farm run and then watched my friend Lord Doom321 get 99 Mining!

I swear all my friends are getting 99 mining! Checkers Nub a few days ago, Lord Doom today, and my friend Hognot who found me farming and recognized me from my 99 agility video on yt is getting 99 mining in the next day or so! Crazy!

My next task is abby specs, which I hate, so I decided to try for those hunter stones. Well, it was Pawyaya time and the server crashed with my traps out. When I logged back in about 5 minutes later my traps were gone and I was particularly mad because I had just caught a pawyaya before it crashed. Well, Levi appeared and asked me if I needed traps. I said no because I just went to the bank and got some more and then he teled away. Then, traps started appearing everywhere! He box-trap-bombed me!! XD I used this to my advantage and had a nonstop stream of boxes out. I got my hunter stones for the week in record time that way! Woot!

With those out of the way I went Rhoonkreftin. I decided to make chaos runes this time because I have decided to go ice bursting sometime soon. Dunno where exactly but I can't barrage and burst is an acceptable substitute. I slowly got my rocks, getting the last one on the last pouch with the 1 minute warning going off. Perfect! I finally finished the statue, even though I was a full week late:

Going "oof" never gets old!! XD I look like I'm doing yoga. :P

I cleaned my mass of herbs after that, quickly getting the 2 herb stones, and then decided to do my clue scroll from greaters after that. It was a nice and easy clue and I had to laugh at the reward:

I guess that's Jagex's way of wishing me a happy 4th of July! :D

There was a star at the same time so I took my festive logs there and made a 4 out of them.

That counts as my 1 firework for the night. :P

I then hung out at the GE for about an hour, hopping onto lunars so I could stat spy people. Well, one of the 3 people I slayed irons with a few days ago needed a 93 craft assist! I tried to assist and had to wait 22 minutes. I told him to hang tight so he did. Finally time was up and acxent was able to give me a free 20k craft xp! Woot! Every little bit helps!! Someone needed a 95 assist but craft pots are scarce these days so I couldn't. I'm hoping to get it soon so that I can assist more. Looks like SC is in my future...

I was piddling around not sure what to do when I remembered that I was only 11k from 82 hunter so I got my tiara on and went to my favorite orange sallies. Within 10 minutes another level was mine! :D

Woot! 82 hunter!

Well I'd better get to bed... I wanna get up and do some open run time! :D

Until next time...

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