Saturday, July 3, 2010

Crafty Pie

Today I finally caught that inspiration and finally could be asked to play Stealing Creation! I played a few normal games but got frustrated with their length so I headed over to Fast SC for a few games.

Tanyakins was there for a game or too which was awesome and I discovered that unknown to me I already had a ton of sc points! So, after a few games I bought 10 needles, went to MA, and got to work. While I was busy getting 500k xp a fellow in a Str cape came in. What made him different from most Str people was his awesome color coordinated outfit he had going on!

His name was "Sunk." XD He had on almost full Guth, red flowers, guth book, d boots, and str cape. It was so cool!

I ran out of needles with 75k xp to go so I played 2 more games of Fast SC and then returned to a bank and got a craft level!!

Wewt!! Only 5 levels to go! Now if I could just get in the mood to play like a day of SC I'll be set! Once I hit level 95 I can assist with all effigies because I found out that the assister can pot up too!

After that I decided to tackle my LRC task. I had no food so I went to Monkfishland to fish for some. When I got there someone in an agile cape shouted something like "Agile Brother!" so we emoted in brotherhood. We ended up synching so I got a pic!

This fellow Agile Brother's name was Brianmv13. We enjoyed talking about agility whilst fishing.

After that I was ready for my task. It was pretty boring but I got mega attack and slayer xp from it so I'm happy! Plus I went on Skype with Zachy, Kayla, and one of their friends and then later with my daddy which made it go by faster. Then, towards the end, I got an order to assist in a crafting effigy! Woohoo! 15k xp and that pushes me down to 799k until 95! :D

Well I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is Scare-The-Crap-Outta-Your-Pets Day and I have nothing planned. I'll prolly just nom on this pie and cake that I got to celebrate. :P Goodnight all!

Until next time...

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  1. Anonymous10 July, 2010

    hmmm... almost full guth... sounds like me ^^