Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day of Dunjuneering

Today was a pretty busy day so I didn't do a whole lot on the wonderful world of Runescape. I did some dungeons to start off and got 49!!

I also finally remembered and had a bow and arrows to start and got the 333 xp I needed for...

81 Range!! Yay!! I took a quick slide down the roof...

...and did a farm and brew run before returning for some more dungeon action! I am loving all the thought the design team put into Dunj making me laugh with things like this:

Peeky also did his own entertaining by sharing things like this with me:

And finally, after so long, I finally got an agility room!!!! Oh man was I happy!

Haha, I got confused how to pass the blade so I ran at it... Yeah I got hit for 720. That was stupid! This room reminds me a ton of that rogues den puzzle because it has all obstacles that are featured there like contortion bars, a floor spinning blade (not seen), spinning blade, and pendulum (to the left). It also featured open-able doors once I got past everything so I could get back to the door without dodging again. I'd been wondering how agility worked in Dunj and now I know!

I'm stuck on whatever floor this is until I get s few more levels so I've just been repeating it. This is bad for my prestige though so I'm thinking I should reset it and start over somewhere lower. I've gotten lucky with the bosses and have had several more Sagittare, which is my new favorite. I got riftsplitter on my last one. Ugh... died twice. I can't wait til 50 Dunj when I can bind something else! I'll prolly bind a Katagon 2h until I get a better drop from a boss or something. Mage is starting to become a little less effective now and I've been meleeing a bit more. Luckily almost all of my solo dungeons are filled with katagon rocks. :P

I also used my first potion! I had 2 of those rooms in a row where there's that damaged construct and you need to craft a limb, imbue it using rc, and enchant the guy with mage. The 2nd one required 93 mage and I only have 85 but I discovered that a strong magic pot would do the trick so I made one! Woot! Haha, all that was in the bonus room past it was a lonely stego. Good fight. :P

Well I'm off to bed. Good night!

Until next time...

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