Saturday, July 31, 2010

Canting Summer Festival!!

Woo most of today and yesterday was the first ever Canting Summer Festival!! I was very excited because I was able to actually go! I was very glad that our impromptu trip to Canada ended just in time. Literally, I got home at like 4:30 and was on by 5 to start things off!

I was late for Fred's event so I stayed low and pretty much just enjoyed everyone else trying to find him. I knew where he was on the first clue but I was so laggy I could hardly move before freezing for at least 10 seconds so I didn't get to him. :-( However in the meantime I checked my kingdom and had 70 seednests!! I also went to the GE and bought myself a little present... ;)

I'm not wearing flippers! :o It's because I was intending to go into the wildy to find Fred but chickened out. XD See what I got?? I named it The Voyager. :P Here it is on its maiden voyage pwning a man.

I had an event planned which ended up being at 8pm for me. I was going to change it but the open slots were all at like 4 in the morning so I kept it. Good thing too because it was a lot of fun! Of course it was an agility event, no surprise there! I chose Brim and told people to wear their flippers. Only a couple of us did but we still had a blast! :P

A nice shot of mostly everyone that went. We raced to the flashing pillars and had a great time. I love doing brim with friends! And yes- I had my 3 essential items. :P

Me and Vaskor! :D

My favorite pirate :D

The event right before mine fell through and with my crazy luck I managed to find a star about to fall! So, the event turned first into an impromptu mini pvp trip by most of the Canting gang followed by a large Kelda star! It was sweet!

After my event we had some time so Zachy set up a large dunjun. It was my first large and man... it was big! We all worked together and stayed pretty close and I was the only one who didn't die at the boss! However I died shortly after trying to clear one of those stupid mining rooms... XD The xp was great though and I got 58 Dunj!!

I then went to bed and after some morning shopping with my mom I was ready for more festival action! I was on Skype for almost the entire time and had loads of fun chatting with Zachy, Waste God, Karl, and Tanya. Merchy even got on for a bit too and she is a lovely singer! :D I entered just in time for a skiller SC event which was nice. I got a needle and got my craftycraft xp wayyy down. So close to 96! Then there was a freeplay marathon so I hopped on Faerie Tana and came in 7th place. It was fun getting random items from the 5 stations and taking them back full circle to Merchy. :P After it was a mole event! There were tons of us so I only got an addy long and like 650 iron arrows but it was fun!

Here we are waiting for it to respawn. Notice my awesome outfit- Seers 3 matches SS hilt! :D I had to be different and take a titan. :P As Fred said, I have to have the green follower. I didn't even plan it that way! XD

After that was Merchy's house party! I spent most of the time sitting in the throne but I did a little monster-pwning in the dunjun with my new SS. Almost all my pics are of the hilarious rear-facing seats glitch. It makes it harder when the people glitching don't see it for themselves. They think I'm just seeing things. :P

Most of us hanging out in Merchy's throne room...

I walked into the house to find every person sitting was facing the wall! XD

Karl facing the wall and me facing normally. :P

LOL Merchy facing the wall! This pic looks like the one when I first met her. :D

Gonzyy totally didn't believe me when I told him he was facing the wall so here it is for proof! XD

As the festival came to a close we ended up in Fist of Guthix and then for the last event ended up in Karamja. I was bewildered why I still paid 30gp to go when I had on my Karamja gloves. It took me a few HOURS to realize it was because we were on nonmems! Oops. :P It was very fun and I had a great time! I can't wait for winter again and hopefully will have some sort of event planned for it! :D

After the festival I took a break before returning to do some dunjuns with Peeky. I did Tears first which for me down to a little more than 7k till 59. Then I assisted some craft and did 2 floors with Peeky. We were joking and being silly as usual:

He made a P for Pie! :D We had Stomp and he was actually quite easy this run! :D

We started our 2nd dunjun and OMG a spider dropped me a Shadow Silk Hood!!! I made the tough decision to unbind my primal skirt and bind the peekyhood instead, so I had to get at least one pic of my hawt Tomato Pants. ;D

They made my butt look big anyway!

We had the riftsplitter and he dropped me a promethium rapier! I unbound my gorg 2h for it and me and Peeky were twinners. :P Wow, 2 new items bound from that dunjun!

Oh yeah and I got 59 Dunj from the first one! I can't wait till 60 and beyond!!! :D

Gasp! July is like totally over! Here are my hiscores before I forget:

So hawt! Look at my agility rank! :D And my dunj is so close to 60! Woop woop!

OK before I totally fall asleep at my desk, here are the videos you have been waiting for! This is me riding the 2 most intense rides at Galaxyland when I was away on holiday. ;D

There ya go!! ;D Goodnight all!

Until next time...

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