Sunday, August 1, 2010

All Levels Over 60 Again!

Today I did 3 dunjuns with Peekyface and I got 60 Dunj!!!

I also got the new "Goliath" award. I only died at our angry nerd lex boss!

Tomorry I'm going to run agility in the morning and then probably go dunjuneering all day. Funfunfun!

And let me say again that I have some pretty amazing friends on the game! <333333333

Until next time...


  1. You must have got your 'finishing blow' from one of the Level 1 books - I did a dunj with Xel, and that's how he got the Goliath title. XD Made us laugh, to say the least. :P

  2. GOLIATH!! I love when I get that title! I agree about the graphic changes in the Fight Caves.

    And thanks for putting my blog on that list over there. ---->