Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nechs, Farming, Clue Scroll

Hum dee dum... finished Nech task now I have Dags. Did some farm runs with the seeds I got from Nechs and got stuff like 20 snaps as a result. :D Then I left for a while and logged in to do my clue from Nechs. I got sara arrows and other stuff which I didn't really pay attention to... XD I filmed it so look out for an epic clue scrollin vid coming your way!

I saw pics from Runefest... OMG Merchy is so kewt in her hat! Everyone looked splendid! I hope they schedule one in America because if they did I would so totally go!

Not much else to report... BUSY seems to be my new word. Oh, I did make 2 posts on my other blog if anyone wants something to read... :P

Time to go to bed before midnight! 6am comes too fast... Ouch.

Until next time...

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