Friday, August 20, 2010

Scummoning and Dunjuneering

Today I didn't do a ton... I mainly just ground Summoning but it ended up being a GREAT thing because..... ta-da!!!

Woohoo!! 85 summoning!!! Hehe glitch! Swamp titan's on there twice! I wonder what it was supposed to be...

I used all but 17 of my crims making granite lobsters and swapping them for shards. That got me most of the way. I also picked about as many bananas as I could stand and made fruit bat pouches and then fruitfall scrolls. Selling the scrolls on the GE gets me back all the money I spent on the shards for them which is a good thing since I plunked down 3m and used over 100k shards. Plus, fruitfall scrolls help out others who want to make a mess outside of edgeville bank. :P I ended up being one granite short and 1k till 85 so I frantically made trices out of my god eggs and got 466 xp till. Luckily I found enough abyssal charms to finish that level off. Woohoo!

After that I did real life and went to the fair for 2 hours with my dad and sister who went with a group. I saw a cute dress but I doubt I'll buy it... I had delicious fair food and of course the obligatory chocolate milk. :P I dodn't go on rides because my body is too broken to tolerate much, which I discovered at Galaxyland. XD I'm planning to go back Monday which is family friendly and therefore alcohol free. I'm hoping that means less smoking too... I took a lungful of smoke in the middle of a sentence. Ugh... much coughing and choking occurred. My poor virgin lungs aren't used to the outside air anymore. My favorite part of the fair is this place that airbrushes things like hats, backpacks, and shirts. Two years ago I got a green hat with green ink that said, you guessed it, Lesko. It even has music notes. Whoever made it, ILY!! BTW, they also had a yak in the petting zoo this year and the sign above it even used the phrase "beast of burden" so I got my runescape nerd fix. :P

I came back and did 2 floors with my dad and Peeky which was fun! I only got one pic though:

It's my dad, me, and Peeky owning Frostnoob. We rock! We totally leeched all of her mage and she was down so fast! XD

I've gotten word of the 2nd dxpw in 2 weeks! Woohoo! I plan to slay a lot and dunj my brains out, both things I don't need to stock up for. I'm hoping for 99 Attack by the 12th and 70 Dunj during this weekend. This might stall my 99 craft but I'm not too worried. If worse comes to worse I'll have to make tiaras to 99. That would be something. XD I also happened to hear about the cryptic cluefest on facebook so I got day 1 all done. I hope it's fun like last year's!

Well my audition is tomorrow. I am soo ready to just go in there and get it over with. My dad had his today and it went well so I am hoping I'll do the same. Let the school year begin!

Until next time...

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