Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

So... yesterday for some reason I felt very tired. My mind wouldn't work and by the time I was getting ready to head home I could barely keep my eyes open! It's a rare occurrence for me to be this tired. I'm the girl who never once fell asleep in school ever. I could have fallen asleep in class on this day. OK, so we meet up with my daddy and then all 4 of us get into the car and drive home. Well, I am so tired that I actually fall asleep in the car. :o Like, as soon as I closed my eyes I started dreaming and seeing things. Ok, that never happens. So we get home and I decide that the best thing to do is lay down for a bit, like until dinner in 20 minutes or so.

Long story short I fell asleep and slept form 6pm until 8am. Aiiiiii!!!! I remember waking up at like 8 and wandering half-awake into the kitchen to see if dinner was ready and saw that dinner had apparently long-since passed. >.> So, I turned around and stumbled back into bed. Boy was I ever glad to have Thursday be a 3 hour later start.

Okayyyyy now that I am sufficiently re-energized and on the road to getting used to much less sleep, I am ready to post! I wasn't going to log in at school yesterday since I was mid-iron task but decided to randomly log into the chat from the lobby. Well, the planets and stars lined up and I ended up logging in right when Zachy was getting 99 Slayer. No joke! So, of course I logged in and was there for it:

Zachy right after he lvled :D Of course, I'm with the unrelated text, in honor of Kayla. :wub:

I originally took this pic because there were 3 DFS's in a row, but I decided to zoom out and take a pic of the parade to Kuradal.

Zachy sporting his new cape-with-a-skull-with-a-sword-in-it-cape. :P

I also took notice to the brand new naked clothing options! Of course I had to go and check it out. Man, Varrock was a mess of dressing rooms!

The lag was unbelievable... o.O

I finally settled on the hunter outfit. I think it looks pretty hawt. Even without flippers! BTW it does look great with flippers. XD

Me and Yaya compare new hawt styles. :D

I then logged and was going to play later on but of course I fell asleep for 14 hours which brings us to tonight. I finished my irons task. Not a clue, not a d item, not much of anything except mucho magic xp which I needed to get 87 magic!

My worst fears came true and I opened the flashing icon too soon and a dragon got me so I couldn't get a pic. >.> I was freaking out. Most ppl freak out over like... losing crap when they die or losing stuff on a merch... I freak out when I don't get a pic of my gratz screen. :P I think I can tele to Cathy now which rocks! :D Anyway this adv log will have to do. Obviously it was taken after I finished for the night...

After my iron task I got 201 Hellhounds! Woohoo! So, I got on my combat gear and headed off. I brought nothing but pizza for food, not expecting to stay long because of clues but I didn't get one so I had to leave and then come back with a bunyip. Of course, the first one I kill after summoning it drops a clue... It sat in my inventory until my yip ran out. I was not in a real scrollin mood. :P

I did get a surprise Hiptoints level! I had no idea it was close! My hp always ninja's up on me!

I was obviously AFKing my task as usual while I got caught up on the massive blog posts I missed from being gone for just 1 day. When I went back to the screen there was an effigy smiling at me! Woot! I looked at it and the first one was 91 cooking. Yay! Next was 93 fletch/wc so I am going to get me some stew later and get +5 woodcutting for it. XD I took that time also to leave and do my clue. I ended up finding some rune legs, 2 rfh's and some zammy arrows in Sedridor's bookshelf. Who knew! I then logged into two of my other accounts (Jeffrey Peak and Faerie Tana) and gave them fresh new wardrobes. Tomorrow I'll get Lesko Dymond into some pwnage green robes!

Good night all! I got a quiz in Chinese tomorrow *nervous* and will finally dive into Music History (with Dr. Sorela of course! ;D) plus I get near-free yummy lunch so I am pleased. I've gotten free lunch every day this week, FTW!

Until next time...


  1. "Like, as soon as I closed my eyes I started dreaming and seeing things. Ok, that never happens."

    Yeah, that happened to me when I broke my arm and the doctor gave me some painkiller drug. It was really weird. O_o

  2. Congrats on Catherby tele! Do you know what you'll be training over bonus exp weekend yet?