Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day of Clues

Well true to my word I went back to the HAM camp. With Kitty's red dragon mask I was ready for another thieving outfit for the week!

I really loved it this week and wore it long after I got both my thief stones. I even got a crafting stone from adding studs to a leather body! XD As I got there I began picking their pockets and quickly got clue after clue! I got a lot of tele scrolls but did get H5 black leggies off one of them. :P I only took a picture of clue #1 because the reward was deceptively good.

It looks like a total crap reward but it was worth 13k!! Total surprise! :D

I discovered many things along the way, like the cool bow cabinets in one of the houses in Fally:

They looked so cool! I want one in my house now! :o

I had forgotten to get a new slayer task so I got one in the middle of this scrollin and Kuradal decided to go overboard on generosity and gave me 93 steel dragons! Finally I stopped scrollin for the day, bought some bloods and fires, and set off to the clubhouse. I'm hoping for an elite clue! After several kills I got what I thought was a clue on the ground. It turned out to be a court summons! Wooooot!

I did my task until I ran out of antifires and then set off to do this case. As I always thought Rick Turpentine was a good guy I defended him. I felt bad... he was in a cell crying... At least now he's back to stealing from the rich to give to the poor XD

A funny quote from questioning Rick... lol

I took my helm off in court... but still found it a bit weird that I had a huge DFS and obvious weapons... XD

Ah, Guthix ftw!!!

Woot! So much xp!

A pic of the events that happened today... they take the whole page! LOL

Gnight all!

Until next time...

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