Friday, August 6, 2010

Ice Bursting and Bonus Eenie Pic

Sorry for no post yesterday. I went to a friend's house and ended up staying for almost 6 hours! I got home like 3 minutes after midnight so... I missed my window to post. :P

The day started with me giving Merchy my heraldic legs. I thought they were H2 but ooooops they were actually like H5... My bad... It didn't matter though, she still needed them and I was happy to give!

The legs look much better with the full set although I really think they would look better on the side of the legs instead of right on the crotch like a loincloth...

I spent the majority of my time camping at abyssal demons just for fun and in hopes of a clue again... Nothing...

I also somewhere along the way got 83 Fletching, as I was like 3k till...

Now I can make entgallow traps which I'll prolly never use, seeing as I'm not keen on chopping mastyx heads off... :o

Okieeeee that brings us to today... :P

Started out with some more abby demons and got nothing so I decided to play some SC to get the needles for 96 craft since I was like 100k xp till. I then began the sewing of green bodies and tanned the black hides from my latest dragon task and made those. Well I was like 5k till level when I ran out so I got some more and woohooo!!!!!!

Yeah babyyyy! Only 3 levels to go! I then went on a little crafting spree, making all my cut sapphires into necklaces and stuff. I got 2 toof halves from abby demons and already have 3 loops so I got 2 keys and both gave me the bunch of runes. I would have made emerald rings but as I have a grand total of 7 emerald bolts I cut them into tips instead. Emeralds are easy to get anyway!

After that I decided it was time to make an ashy mess in the abyss. :P

I have been rcing up some deaths and chaos recently to get 1k bursts. I got about halfway before breaking down and buying the rest and then headed to the abyss with some bloods for blood burst to heal. Well, I didn't really like it much down there so I left after like 10 minutes. I got 2 talismans though! :P Having many casts I needed another place to go so I chose Pest Control. I've bursted there before. It makes it wayyy easy to get that 500 lp worth of damage to get points! :D

I was in a bad mood by then and it was made worse by people telling me no you should do this no you should do that omg bursting at pc omg brawlers omg omg... I hate it when people talk as if their way is the ONLY way to do something. I was doing this for fun... Cmon... I'd rather have fun than get good xp... /rant

However this guy apparently approved of my work :glasses: -

The funny part was he said it totally out of nowhere! XD That made me feel better. :P

I enjoyed climbing up the towers and mass bursting from above:

No I didn't kill any brawlers that anyone was luring... Most people weren't worried about it anyway. In my opinion I don't think luring brawlers is worth the amount of undies people get in a wad about it. I was in the veteran boat so most people just piled portals and could not care less about them. I only attacked brawlers that I had to because they were blocking the portal and therefore the other 15 creatures below it.

I stayed until my casts totally ran out which got me nearly 100k xp and 148 pest points. I spent them on prayer and then with the money I got from playing bought like 8 d bones added to the 8 I had left over and altared them. Woot, 5k till 78! I can use penguins on herblore now!

After that I got ready for finishing my spirimage task but couldn't be asked to go so I logged for the night. :P I just don't feel like doing my task so it's first on the list tomorrow.

I leave with you a funny and a picture of my cat.

Today in chat Zachy said 'but' instead of 'butt' because he thought butt was still censored.

It reminded me of a similar incident 2 years ago:

I totally thought of it right when he said it. :P

And lastly, here is a picture I took of my cat when she was sleeping on the chair next to me. She was snoring so loud!! XD

My precious baby girl! Loooove her cute little peeking tooth! :-3 Very kawaii!!!

Good night all!

Until next time...

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