Monday, August 9, 2010

Two Levels and Clue Race

Today began too late to run ORT because I got woken up at 6:30am and in anger turned off my alarm clock when it went off at the reasonable hour of 9:30 and therefore fell back asleep until noon. Oops...

I got on RS and finished off my abby demon task, solving my clue scroll along the way. I was in a skype chat with Merchy and a bunch of her friends that I don't know very well which was really fun!

I then got to satisfy my craving for Chinese food and went to lunch with my parents. Yumyumyum! When I got back I went back into skype and resumed slaying my demons.

While there I came across Riveted, an Agile Brother that I occasionally see around, also sporting his agile cape at demons. I felt much less vain wearing my agile cape and not my defence cape after that, even more so after seeing another agile cape and rc cape at gargs next door. I wore a regular anti dragon shield to get across the shortcuts without being toasted (messed up once, thankfully the fire only hit a 120 and not a 400!!!) and once I was safe I used my Sara Sword. There was a nice lvl 138 with a CLS and stuff there named Terroristen who I enjoyed chatting with. He got a d med and whip within a few kills which we had a good laugh over. Oh, and I got another toof half! I was so happy and said that now my loop in my bank had a friend! Terroristen made a similar comment after getting a toof and a loop half on his task. :P

No whip, but I got 3 rune chains and 3 rune meds plus a clue scroll and a toof half so I was more than happy. I love slaying demons! They're so easy! Just like dusties...

After a while I decided I'd better do pengs since I keep putting it off and then not doing them. It didn't take long and I ended up with 20 penguin points which was more than enough to let me achieve a goal long in the making. I got 80 Herblore!!!!

Woot!! Another skill hits 80!! Only 3 left! Thieving will be pretty easy I just gotta do it. Rhoonkreftin will take several weeks of penguins and grinding but it'll get there and Dunj will come all on its own. I love dunj! I am 1 level away from sara brews and already have greenman's ale brewing in the ol vats! If it's mature I'm going to sell it because 8 glasses is worth considerably more than 2 kegs. Not sure why but I'll go with that. :P

My next task was, of course, living rocks. -.- I may have been annoyed about my clue-less (haha) task ahead but knowing the great xp I would totally level slayer!! Less than halfway into my task I had gotten all 14k of the xp I needed and, ta-da!!!!

I got 87 Slayer!! Woop woop!!

LRC is a very long task so although I got probably 30k+ slayer xp it took most of the night. Right on the end of it Kitty was doing a clue in Elfland and I really wanted to see her, since it's been forever since we've seen each other. I scrambled, she slowed down on the clue, and...

Woohoo I made it! She got an ornamental kit on one of her first elites and was sportin her new trimmed d skirt which I found highly attractive! :-) Her reward wasn't too exciting- ppots, super-super antipoison, snap seed, glory, etc but that led us to decide to visit the HAM dunjun to have a race to a lvl 1 clue scroll. I invited the few members of Canting who were awake and TaintedOne12 and Fred both showed up and I got a pic of the 4 of us:

I won that little race with Kitty very close behind and then Fred. We all got slayer staffs from them which is really awesome and also ironic seeing as they are against monsters... LOL! We then set off to do them and I won because all of my clues were search clues that took place literally next to each other. Varrock house, Sarim fish shop, sailor on Sarim dock, and then Gertrude's house. I got biscuits!

Yummy! Biscuits with god symbols! I still am unsure what the British definition of biscuit is compared to American but a biscuit here is like the KFC biscuits that taste so good. :P I wonder if they are cookies or something... :P

I went to my house to repair all the damaged armour I picked and then went to the GE to sell stuff. Kitty loaned me her red dragon mask for almost a whole day for my clue so I had it on and someone wanted to try it on but I couldn't cuz it wasn't mine. There was somebody following him with a bat mask and a bat staff and a thieving cape and I had a sneaking suspicion that it was this gal named Forlorn Bat/Kiltrobat that I ran agility with a looonnnngggg time ago when 158 was my home world. She got 99 agility a couple monhts before me but we chatted often. Her name was Batty Woman and sure enough it was her! Recognized by thieving cape haha!

I then saw an Agile Brother so I started emoting and the agility emote always attracts a huge crowd of agile kin because it can be seen from miles away (I call in the summon-agile-kin emote) and before long 4 of us were emoting in synch! I got a pic of course :P

clockwise from right Michael-MAJ, me, Batty Woman, and unknwn faith

I could've stayed up and gotten more clues but it was like already 1am and I want to get up early tomorrow to run in ORT plus I have a dentist appointment eeeek! Before I go I leave with you these two funnies from the text:

Another Peeky-ism... XD

That poor cyclops, so much abuse! LOL!

BTW happy 8-9-10 Day!! :D Lucky for us there will be another one if we follow the British/Catin style of day before month. Woot woot!

Good night all!

Until next time...

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