Friday, August 13, 2010

Clue! Clue! Clue!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010 (I saved an entry on the wrong blog -.-)

Holy cow what a day it was!!! It started out with me getting my first ELITE clue off a desert wyrm. Woooot!! Of course I went and did it and filmed every inch which I have wonderfully published for your enjoyment here:

Hopefully the quality improves by the time you watch it... :P

The reward wasn't all that good but it's all stuff I use so I was more than happy with it all. How could I say no to a free glory, free farm xp, and free potions that I don't make anymore due to the millions of potato cactus in my bank. :D The firelighters was kind of lame so I burned them. :P

No more clues dropped but Karl got the same task so we spent some time slaying together:

Plus Peeky got his first whip!

Aaaand I caught this PG-13 but VERY funny Peeky-ism. I still laugh when I think about it:

From now on the d beast attack will always be a dog takin a piss. XD

After that I got hellhounds again! Wooot! And boy oh boy they did not disappoint in showering me with gifts via their clue scrolls. I got another 4 on this task!

I set off to do the first one and when I got my reward I about died:


Ahahahaha I look like a donkehhhhh!!! When I saw the price I about died again. 18 MILLION!!!
It's crashing right now but when it sells I will have... oh... around 30 MILLION cash!!!! I am a bit in the clouds right now. Just let me float back down... Oh and I got a h4 skirt too. FTW!!!!!!

My next clue I got Guthix arrows and a court summons for Molly and her twin!!! :D I didn't get a pic because the reward wasn't too good except for those. Knowing the back story I chose to defend the evil twin because SPOILER it ends up that it's really Molly!

I set off to do it and got more def xp that I don't need ftw!!

Then I got another clue and had quite a load of rewards when I finished:

Z0mg!!! A sara kite! That sold for a pretty 1.1m! And another court summons! My final one! River troller time! Oh and a cav! I don't have this one so I put it in my house with my dark cav that Calanon gave me a loooongggg time ago like my first day ever in Canting. :P

I chose to prosecute because I really need the attack xp. Luckily the river troll didn't seem to care. :P I got my wig too! Of course I didn't take a pic... oops. :P

I then went back to hellies and before long, boom boom!!!

Yeah babyyyy 94 attack! It won't be long now before I get my Ajjat cape! :P

I went back and got one more clue:

Zammy arrows! These count as a zammy item in GWD which means I'll be selling my vambs. Any invisible zammy item is good enough for me! :P

Whew what a day! I now have fire giants which will give me a little break from clues. :P I have stayed up way too long making the video and posting all of this... Now you'll see the real time I post thanks to my little screw up. :P

I leave you a picture of me defending Molly. I got all dressed in green and looked very suave indeed. :D

Oh and here's a funny story that happened. Smelly Welly was doing his first ever iron task and was understandably quite nervous, being lvl 90. We finally convinced him they're not bad and soon he was maging and ranging them like a pro. darkmageRB was bored and so off he went to kill some also and Smelly Welly told him to get a visage. Well.... he did. :o :o :o :o Whoaaaaa nowai!!!! How awesome is that! So, I was about to do my first lvl 3 clue of the day and jokingly asked him for some luck. Well, that's when I got my unicorn mask. :D I was also listening to Adiemus when I got it so I consider it good luck as well. For the win!!

Also, Smelly Welly helped me do a coord clue in the duel arena in exchange for me assisting his craft effigy. He made me kill him because he didn't want to waste his bolts. :P

Good night all!

Until next time...

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